5 Movie Villains We Love. Not “to Hate”, But Just Love

They say Hollywood has only ten – twelve major movie script themes and everybody are basically telling the same stories over and over again in an ever-changing perspective (or so they should). You have probably noticed how some movies resemble other movies, in “Good vs. Evil” scenarios, or “the hero’s journey” ones. It doesn’t matter really if this rumor is actually true, all that matters is that almost all movies, and especially the ones with heroes in them, also display an antagonist, a villain, that character that we should hate, resent, fear or learn from that evil never prevails. The history of cinema knows plenty of gruesome villains which became famous and iconic for the industry, and here are only 50 of the greatest antagonists of all time.

But there is a different breed of villains, the ones that we just don’t love to hate, but the ones we downright love. And I know a few ladies who would walk barefoot to the end of the world in following a few of them, too. So here are 5 movie villains we love and can’t do anything about it, despite the fact that these characters are, you know… evil.

1. Loki


That’s the guy women would kill for. And the guy who is so evil, he became the object of true love for all superhero movies passionate, not only Marvel fans. Speak his name? The fans are already asking for independent movies to star Loki and only him. His perverted mind, his schemes, his grins, his sick sense of humor and him antagonizing a whole bunch of superheroes only to …win in the end (no spoilers for Thor: The Dark World!) turned Loki into the most adored villain in the last years and yes, we have to admit, Tom Hiddleston had an important contribution to the Loki phenomenon too.

2. Khan


Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch, the man who gets to play antagonists more often than he plays Sherlock. In Star Trek he gave quite a performance and you love him because of his cool composure, his brilliant tactics as a military mastermind, (the semi nude scene, obviously), the accent and the hair. Not to mention his acting skills, which are pretty much awesome. The ladies? Yes, you can fill all the world’s largest stadiums with ladies ready to embark in a space journey together with him.

3. Joker


Regretted Heath Ledger’s Joker is a masterpiece of portraying one of the most complex, psychopathic, intriguing and striking villains in cinema’s recent history. Not attractive in the way the others above are, not depicted as the new hot guy in town, but as the new evil in the world, this Joker is impossible to hate. Ledger’s performance was so out of this world, you can’t do anything but follow this anti – hero with your heart skipping every two beats and wanting to learn how he got that smile. He may be one of the most iconic movie villains we love and his legacy won’t fade away any time soon.

4. Hans Landa

hans landa

This exquisite piece of a villain brought Christoph Waltz an Oscar Award and for all good reasons. He never hurries, he seldom gets angry, he is calm, cool, calculated, and evil to his bones, with a psychotic smile that gets your spine to shiver and charm only sociopaths are blessed with. You can’t ignore him, or help yourself not falling in love with. One of the most powerful villains in recent cinema, Landa is impossible to detest, even if the character is meant to make us hate his guts.

5. Darth Vader

darth vader

One of the oldest, most famous, most iconic and mythical movie villains of all times, Darth Vader isn’t cool, nor sexy, nor complex as a character, but he also can’t be hated, as once you finally find out his true history, you suddenly realize he has a very good and noble character (buried deep down inside) and he pretty much can’t be blamed for more than making wrong decisions, as all youngsters are prone to when influenced by evil forces. Is he among the movie villains we love? Of course he is, even if he’s the oldest one in the bunch…

Perhaps there are other villains you personally can’t help but love, but these ones are the most spoken of in the media lately. To quote a Facebook commentator on a similar post on the Internet a while ago, everything is fine and dandy, yes, there are movie villains we love…

“and then, there is Jeoffrey Baratheon”. True that!


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