4 Movies To See If You’re Trying to Get a Divorce And You’re Still Undecided

The concept of divorce is so filled with a range of emotions so wide, people are still finding hard times to talk about it or make up their minds about it. It is sometimes excruciating and sometimes liberating, while it is always complicated, no matter who wants to stay and who wants to get out of the marriage. And having people coming and telling you that you should see a bunch of movies to help you through the ordeal is not the wisest thing to do, is it? You have your own pain to deal with, who needs to add up some fictional stories about fictional people who pretend to understand what you are going through?

But movies are not all meant to motivate you to keep your sanity through the whole mess or to cheer you up, or to change your perspective, or to provide you with hopes for a brighter future after the storm is gone. Some movies weren’t even meant for people going through a divorce and they certainly cannot be labeled as “break-up and divorce films”. However, some of them, willingly or not, can make up one’s mind to ask for a divorce or to make the first step towards ending their marriage. So if you are still undecided, if you still don’t know what’s best, to flight or fight, if you can’t make up your mind about your future, here are four movies to see if you’re trying to get a divorce. And I personally know a few ones who turned off their TVs afterwords and called their attorneys.

4. Under the Tuscan Sun

under the tuscan sun

We’ll start slow and address women making up their minds regarding a future divorce. This is the story of a freshly divorced woman who packs her bags, frustrations, bad history and inner pain and moves to Tuscany. It is a romance movie, granted, but if you feel like never finding love again and being scared to death to not ending up alone, this movie has that cheering role to it, as it teaches us that true happiness can be found in the most unexpected of places. Yes, fiction, yes, cheesiness, and yet, there’s a grain of truth there.

3. The War of the Roses

war of the roses

Do you still remember this 1989 comedy – drama? You might think that this movie will prove that no couple should ever get a divorce, because these two characters managed to turn their house and lives into a solid war zone. But the subtle message of the movie can also reach the depths of your mind, convincing you that freedom is far more acceptable than being caught forever in a carousel of perpetual hate. Among the funnies movies to see if you’re trying to get a divorce, The War of the Roses, besides brilliant performances and wise quotes, also has the power to show you how truly bad things can get in a marriage that doesn’t work anymore. Do you really want to reach that level of hate?

2. Revolutionary Road

revolutionary road

If you don’t want to get a divorce in your life, then don’t watch this movie. But if you’re thinking about it and all you need is a little push, the Leonardo – Kate duo can shatter your heart and your nerves, as you will see a marriage disintegrating before your eyes. The movie will progressively take you through all the steps from “happily ever after” to “who is this stranger I married to” and you will feel pieces of your soul cracking and burn. It is not the kind of movie to promise you freedom or pink rose petals at the end, but if you feel trapped in that kind of marriage, this is among the most powerful movies to see if you are trying to get a divorce and didn’t make up your mind about the choice yet.

1. 127 Hours

127 hours

This has nothing to do with couples, relationships or marriages whatsoever, but this was the movie that shook the core of some people so bad, they called their divorce lawyer right after the credits rolled. This is a story about being trapped and looking death in the eye. This is a movie about how somebody refuses to being held prisoner in a place they don’t want to be prisoners in. This is a movie about human sacrifice in the name of life and freedom. The symbolic hand cut can be considered the symbolic file for divorce, if your marriage looks like the boulder that keeps you from being free and alive.

As we said, this is not a very cheerful article, because divorce is not a very cheerful subject to begin with, no matter how strong you are on the inside. Postponing the choice may be sometimes a good thing – a hope for the best, let’s say – while for others, is excruciating. If you need a push or a fresh perspective on things, maybe these four movies to see if you’re trying to get a divorce if you’re still undecided may help you call that lawyer or give your marriage a second chance.

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