Murals so realistic you can’t believe they’re murals

Looking at these pictures of 3D murals and knowing that they are paintings will definitely confuse you because they look so realistic. That’s exactly what American artist Eric Grohe hoped to achieve when he started this project, and it’s safe to say he accomplished his goal.

He can take a simple wall outside on a parking lot and turn it into a lively 3D passage or a garage.

Grohe is not operating by himself:  his wife is also an artist and works as his project manager while he is planning and painting his creations.  So the old cliche holds true; behind every successful man stands a strong woman. Mr. Grohe’s paintings would make a fine addition to any household or corporate building. They’re sure to be the talk of any cocktail hour.  As a matter of fact, I could easily see smaller versions of his murals being placed on the back of business cards. That would surely make a lasting impression.

Grohe is not the only one indulging in this sort of painting; these artists are doing it as well but in a slightly different way.


  1. They’re well-done, but they don’t look “ultra-realistic.” They still look like paintings.

  2. they are so awesome that they broke the awesome meter…..however this is like a viral email that is so 2004

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