Come Back, Jack! 5 Music Artists We Would Love to Resurrect

How bad did your heart feel when you heard about Michael Jackson’s demise? Are you still mourning for Amy Winehouse or Janis Joplin? Do you still wear T-Shirts saying “Lovers Forever” with the faces of Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain printed on them? Is your musical world emptier, poorer and sadder without some great artists in it? If they could only come back from the dead…

We’re sure that some of you wouldn’t sell their soul to the devil only to have Jackson resurrected, while others will sign and seal an eternal contract with the dark planes just to see Joey Ramone perform on a stage one more time. Music is still a matter of taste and, not wanting to offense anybody, we will just list here the five music artists we would love to resurrect for the greater good of mankind. And music as an industry. And for everybody to stay happy, we’ll mention the legends, mostly. Other legends, besides Cobain and Morrison, of course.

5. Michael Jackson

Would be the world a better place if Michael would return? Perhaps if he could be resurrected in his early career years and prevented from becoming a constant source of mockery and public resentment because the way he ended up looking like. But for the music, yes, for the dancing, yes, for the charity and friendship he showed others? Definitely yes. Jackson is among the music artists we would love to resurrect because he was and still is an icon in pop – music and many others still would have a thing or two to learn from him.

4. Elvis Presley

Since everybody believes (or at least pretend they do) in second chances, why wouldn’t the King have his share of divine benevolence and come back from the dead (if no one minds, at the age when he could actually perform at his best, we don’t buy tickets to a cracked zombie’s show, do we?). But Elvis deserves to come back and Jailhouse Rock us once more. For the memory. And for the pelvis shake.

3. Joey Ramone

You may not be the punker older generations were, but Joey Ramone deserves a come – back. He represented everything you could label as “counterculture” back then, The Ramones are still considered one of the biggest bands that ever blessed a music scene, while Joey, may his sins be forgiven, could make an unforgettable show.

2. John Lennon

If anyone deserves to come back from the dead for a final show, that would be Lennon. An icon for music and for generations in a row, his life was cut short too fast, too brutally and too absurdly for him not to deserve a proper resurrection, at least for one last show. Imagine how that would be! And we want Lennon just the way he was, no modifications!

1. Freddy Mercury

People said it before and they will say it until the end of time: Bring Freddy Back! Bring one of the most talented, crazy, charismatic, original, psycho, eccentric and unique artists of all time. A voice and a performance that holds it ground still, after so many years, Freddy Mercury is the number one star we would love to resurrect, if not for him to rock us, at least to attend one of his one – man shows and start believing that everything must go on.

Bonus – Ozzy Osbourne

No, don’t fret, Ozzy didn’t leave us yet, but in case this happens (although rumors say he’s immortal), but if this happens, we want to be the first to open a free sign petition to send to whomever is responsible and have Ozzy brought back. No matter the age, he is badass anyway. So for your information, we include Ozzy among the greatest music artists we would love to resurrect, just to have all things cleared from the start.

If you have other resurrection proposals regarding musicians, we have a non-stop clerk who files petitions. So feel free to speak your mind.

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