Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 1-

There are mysteries of this world that keep even the brightest of minds occupied. We already know about the infamous Loch Ness Monster, the Bards of the ancient world and strange UFO sightings, but did you know about the lesser known mysteries of the world? Scientists have not been able to understand them, so they continue to fascinate people around the world. Let’s take a quick look at seven of the most interesting mysteries of this world, which have yet to be explained through scientific evidence.

1. The Shroud of Turin 

The Shroud of Turin is very well known, especially in the Christian world, as being the artifact on which the face of Jesus was first depicted, after his crucifixion. There is no way to tell how this shroud was woven, or when it happened. All we know is that the sacred artifact is kept in the regal Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Torino. As time went by, people came up with different theories in regards to the shroud. Some say that it is a relic, used to wrap Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, while scientists and several intellectuals are the opinion that it is nothing more than an artifact. The shroud also holds two prints: the front depicts the back of an undressed man, who was wiped and probably crucified (the Bible talks about the apostles, John and Peter, who check on the grave after two days and find it empty). The only remaining thing was the shroud, with which Jesus was wrapped.


But the mysteries don’t stop here. At around 1988, when technology advanced, three small pieces from the fabric were sent to be dated with the help of radioactive carbon, to different laboratories (in Oxford, Arizona and Switzerland). All tests confirmed that the shroud dated from the 1260-1390 period, and they also said that the red spots on the fabric might be the Savior’s blood. However, scientists say that the blood should have become black or brown due to its age. We may never know if the shroud was indeed the one that the savior was wrapped it, and we may never find out.

2. The Count of Saint Germain 

The Count of Saint Germain was very well known for his inventions, adventures, violin, and life of mystery. He also had a passion for alchemy. Because he was talented in so many fields, he was nicknamed “Der Wundermann” which means a kind of Superman. Nobody knew where he came from, or where he was headed, but this mysterious individual was spotted again year after year. The first sighting was in 1710, under the name of Montferrat, but he was also seen in Venice and other European cities. This quickly led to a new nick-name: “Saint-Germain the Undying” because all his life, he looked the same way. Nobody ever saw him eat, but he enjoyed women and mingling with the elevated crowds. Mysteriously enough, he never seemed to get old.


He was most famous during 1750-1760 when he befriended Ludovic the XV and became a spy for him. Because he made many enemies, he dissapeared, and reappeared in Russia, under the name of general Soltikov, where he aided an important rebellion. He died in 1784.

3. The Voynich Manuscript 

The Voynich Manuscript is a medieval document that was written in a totally unknown language. For more than 100 years, researchers and scientists are trying to crack the secret code, and decipher it, but to no avail. Scientists believe that it could be a book about pharmaceuticals, which talks about ancient medicine or the beginnings of modern medicine, because the manuscript contains images of Plants, Biology, Cosmology, Recipes and Astronomy.


4. Black Dalila 

It is not often that the police fails to apprehend a serial killer, but it seems that this was the case of Elizabeth short, a young women (22 years old) that was found dead in 1947, in a parking lot of Los Angeles. According to local press, soon after her death, Elizabeth was named the Black Dalila (inspired from the movie Blue Dahlia). Rumors say that the police invented this nick-name and that investigations done during that time proved inconclusive, and the murderer was not brought to justice.


These are four of the most interesting mysteries that we have learned about. There are many more that we would love to discuss. Stay tuned for more interesting mysteries of the world!

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