All You Need to Know about the Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee. You may have heard about it or you may be among the enthusiasts. The new beverage is nothing more than a combination between several common ingredients. The coffee goes in the blender with a couple of teaspoons of grass-fed butter and a special oil. The result is something that tastes great and has a couple of advantages, at least this is what the inventor, David Asprey, claims. But is bulletproof coffee more than a nicely wrapped story? Here are the basic facts and opinions on the new phenomenon.

All You Need to Know about the Bulletproof Coffee3

Asprey, pictured above, describes how he visited Tibet and learned about the “power of butter” and how he was “rejuvenated by a creamy cup of yak butter tea” while travelling in the Himalaya Mountains. He returned to California and started researching the combination, but he ended up chosing coffee instead of tea.

So how do you make it? Asprey says that one cup of freshly brewed coffee combined with one or two table spoons of unsalted grass-fed butter and the same amount of MCT oil. Blend all for 20 to 30 seconds and there you have it.

All You Need to Know about the Bulletproof Coffee2

That is how Bulletproof coffee is done, but Asprey talks about the important characteristics of each ingredient. Obviously, he recommends his own Bulletproof® Coffee Beans. His “Upgraded Coffee” is allegedly mold-free because it has low-mycotoxins. However, most coffee on the market should already be mold-free, so while you try your own Bulletproof coffee, you can choose your favorite.

The medium-chain triglycerides oil is necessary in the official combination. One kit containing the special coffee and Brain Octane, the special oil made out of coconut and palm kernels, costs $37.99.

The grass-fed butter should by of the highest quality, not just any organic butter. And is crucial to use a non-salted butter. People recommend Kerrygold unsalted butter, which should be around $5.

So the Bulletprrof coffee ain’t cheap. But is it worth it? Aspray claims that he uses the blend as a breakfast replacement. The mix helps him get the adrenalin rush he seeks, but without the burned-out effect that soon after kicks in. Allegedly, the Bulletproof coffee will help you stay active for at least 6 hours. Moreover, the special coffee will give you an increased “mental clarity”. Dave Aspray claims that he gained at least 20 IQ points since he drinks the Bulletproof coffee.

All You Need to Know about the Bulletproof Coffee1

Is it healthy? Well, that’s when the story gets tricky. The buttered coffee may taste great, but drinking it instead of eating a regular breakfast raises some questions. The drink contains more than 400 calories, but most of the nutrients are gone. You’ll get no fiber and almost no proteins.

Moreover, saturated fats are beneficial to the organism, but not when you eat a lot of it. As in most other areas, moderation is key to a healthy life. The mix will reduce your appetite, which is great if you want to lose weight, but is postponing your first solid meal until 1 or 2 PM healthy? Your cholesterol level may be affected by the buttery drink, but there is no solid evidence that the level of “bad” cholesterol will really drop.

So if you try the famous Bulletproof coffee and think that it’s right for you, talk to your doctor about it. Regular blood analyses should complement your visit to the doctor.

“If people drink this and don’t change the rest of their diet, they’re getting extra calories,” said Nadolsky, DO Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, Med Page Today reported. “I think they’re giving themselves a bomb of not-so-great long chain saturated fatty acids.”

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