All You Need to Know About The Electric Daisy Carnival


The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the largest and most famous music festivals in the world. If you’re into house, electro house, drum and bass, dance-punk, dubstep or EDM, then you must have heard of it or even attended the EDC.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is quite a unique music festival. It’s not held in a single location, during a specific timeline. It’s actually held in the Fall, Spring and Summer months in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom (starting with 2013) and as of 2014, in Mexico.

This event was founded by Insomniac Events. The company is an American tour promoter that focuses on organizing electronic music events. Besides the Electric Daisy Carnival festival, which is the company’s flagship event, they also create events such as the Nocturnal Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland. Insomniac Events also has two nightclubs in Los Angeles (Create and Vanguard Hollywood), in case you want to pay them a visit.

When it started out, the Electric Daisy Carnival was a one day event, but starting with 2009, it started expanding to venues in multiple states throughout the summer. This electronic music festival has been hosted by venues in the following cities: Colorado, California, Nevada, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Puerto Rico.

The EDC held in Las Vegas in 2011 lasted for three days and it drew a total of 230,000 people. This was a record for the Electric Daisy Carnival, but as the organizers would soon find out, the records would keep on happening: in 2012, a total of 320,000 people attended the EDC in Las Vegas and in 2014, another record attendance, of 400,000 people over the course of three days.

Here are the cities where the Electric Daisy Carnival takes place in the United States: New York City, NY, (in 2013, the NYC event was held at City Field in Flushing, NJ), Joliet, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida, U.S. In Puerto Rico, the EDC takes place in San Juan, in the U.K. in Milton Keynes and in Mexico, in Mexico City.

If you’re wondering how to buy tickets for the EDC, you should know that they are available at StubHub or on the official website of the festival:

The current price for a ticket at the Electric Daisy Carnival is $376. But there is some good news there, it seems that the prices for the tickets are getting smaller: in 2013, a three day pass for the Electric Daisy Carnival cost $473 and in 2012, it cost a whopping $525.

If you want to learn more about the Electric Daisy Carnival, what it stands for, how it feels to experience it without actually attending, we suggest you see the documentary movie Under the Electric Sky. The documentary was made about the festival and it premiered at the 2014 edition of Sundance Film Festival.

If you can’t get a hold of the documentary, we suggest you try viewing Youtube videos, going on a forum or two about the festival or even Reddit. These days it is dead easy to have access to information, so read up before you buy a ticket!

As of November 2013, the Electric Daisy Carnival has officially become the largest dance music festival on the North American continent. Without a doubt, the numbers of people attending will continue to grow and we have no doubt that the Electric Daisy Carnival is going to become the largest dance music festival in the world.

For this year’s lineup, this year dates, schedule and rumors, we suggest you follow the event on Facebook.

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