Courage or Crazy? 3 New Extreme Sports For Adrenaline Junkies

Well, when you think about extreme sports, you already know Zorbing and kite – surfing are so yesterday, that people with a rather powerful subconscious death wish found newer and newer ways to push the laws of physics beyond Newton’s comprehension, challenge their bodies in ways the science of anatomy itself is still amazed by and leave in awe (and on the verge of a nervous breakdown) all the others out there who think extreme is chasing a roll of cheese down a hill. A practice which, in an out of itself, is still life – threatening today and breaks more necks in the British population than two groups of conflicting soccer supporters who meet in the street for an apres – match tango. Not that we don’t like English soccer. 

So by the time you finish writing “new extreme sports for adrenaline junkies”, there are already a few guys who put behind them the ironing board, the broom or whatever household item was in fashion to use to get their kicks, and already invented a new activity that may, or may not, require a change in perspective upon your living room furniture or the way you used to look at your house pets. So let’s see three new extreme sports for adrenaline junkies.

1. Extreme sports and extreme trolling – Liquid Mountaineering

liquid mountaineering

So here are these people who can walk on water. Let it sink, yes… let it come to you… aaaah! People walk on water. Endless possibilities of trolling and hoaxing. Now to come back to the new extreme sports for adrenaline junkies, this liquid mountaineering is not walking per se, but a sort of running on the surface of water. Yes, even better! Apparently, just as you can make frogs on the water (that neat trick with the stone) you can also do it with yourself, provided you have the proper equipment. We expect soon World Championships and fierce competitions. Those who believe walking on water is a myth should better do their homework now.

2. Horse boarding

horse boarding

If you never rode a sleigh hanged behind a 4×4 SUV and try to stay alive while other cars come from the opposite sense, you had a sad childhood. You can compensate in courage and in craziness by trying the new extreme sport en titre, horse boarding. Which is exactly what it’s name says: you ride off-road a regular skateboard while dragged by a running horse (“driven” by a human…Oh wait, this is even cooler: try the same thing with a horse that roams free in the wilderness. We’re not responsible if something bad happening to you. Unless you become a champion of the sort, then we want trademark royalties for the idea). Good riddance, what can we say?

3. Brush boarding


Because surfboarding or snowboarding are so borderline boring, some people thought to take things up a notch and improvise some amusement parks provided with these contraptions which, in all honesty, are less scary and less dangerous that facing some big waves. Not to mention that this activity we chose among the new extreme sports  for adrenaline junkies is quite environmental friendly (meaning you won’t get to pollute oceanic waters with your dead body). So basically, there are these spinning brushes and you board their surface and get all hyped up without having to write your last will and testament. Sounds pretty fun.

A question of “Truth or Photoshop”?

Now you have to know that there is a crazy extreme sport called Chess Boxing and it has World Championship tournaments held in its honor of being perhaps the most complete sport of them all (brains AND muscles), but we also found some very disturbing photos of some so called new extreme sports for adrenaline junkies, one being about a guy riding a dolphin. Now who in the right mind would ride a dolphin is beyond our understanding and what animal rights association allowed this to happen we don’t know, but we will investigate. Walk on water people, leave the dolphins alone!

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