New York’s Naked Cowboy to run for mayor

new york cowboy The famous “Naked Cowboy”, Robert Burck, from New York that entertains tourists in his underwear, wants to run for mayor.”No one knows how to do more with less than yours truly” is his kind of thinking that he wants to share with the New York citizens if they elect him. He earns about 1000 dollars a day busking in nothing more than his boots, cowboy hat and white underpants. The cowboy is willing to run against Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire and Wall Street whiz.

naked-cowboy-with-dog naked-cowboy

He has already spent millions of dollars on his campaign, including on a blizzard of television commercials, while his only real challenger, the little-known city comptroller, William Thompson, has struggled to be heard.


  1. No offense to the guy, but I really don't think he knows enough about… anything… well… unless underpants become a major issue in New York.

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