Nike shoes made out of paper

fourpapernikes If you are loving Nike shoes you can now also get a pair made out of paper. A young illustrator named David Brownings is making these unique and colorful paper shoes that cost about $50 each pair.

papershoes paperbluenike nikes bluenikespaper-shoes-boxpapernikesnike They even come in a handmade shoe box with a nike tag attached to the shoes. Check out how art can be made from Rubik Cubes.


  1. I am doing this art project

    can you post pictures of the cutouts.

    or something so i can see how you made it.

  2. What a bunch of nimrods you commentators are. Don't you recognize cool cultural, and well crafted, art? Oh my God, you are all so lame. This is kinda Andy Warhol revisited you idiots. Y'alls probably like Britney too!

  3. You mean they're not made out of paper to begin with?

    But seriously, great work. I like the concept.

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