Noisiest beach in the world


Imagine the perfect vacation. Sunny weather – check, sand volleyball – check, nice white beach – check, and an airplane is landing right above your head?! That is what you’ll get if you are staying in Maho Beach resort in the Caribbean.

The resort is placed near Princess Juliana International Airport that is considered the busiest airport in the Caribbean Sea. The airport’s runway is so short that the aircrafts must touch down at the very beginning of the runway, and since the the Maho beach is right by, the visitors can almost feel that they can touch the wheels if they jump.

On the gallery show “Rio” in NYC airplanes had a completely different role than take off and land; they were represented like wrestling earthworms.

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  1. How low are the planes actually flying at the fence? The KLM doesn’t look any higher than 100ft..

  2. What do you mean near miss this planes do this every day and by the way is the other way around is a near hit

  3. Yes St Maarten There’s a Bar, Sunset Beach . It’s a Hut off to the side of the beach. Fantastic , fun place to hang and watch the Aircraft. Good Burgers too.

  4. Oh yes St-Martin the dutch side, and the bliss club towards the end of the beach was Amazing…EXCELLENT PEOPLE AND MUSIC… I was there in April 2008, u do get used to the noise of the planes very quickly.. great pictures!

  5. actually the french side is named St.Martin and the dutch side is named St.Maarten.

    Source?? = Born on that island

  6. 1st one looks fake – the lighting direction is wrong and where is the planes shadow? Sorry – just don’t buy this.

  7. Wow! Being an aviation buff and an admirer of the big commercial jets (I’d like to see the new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental), this would be like heaven to me, my dream vacation! My wife probably would not like it though. I could sit all day, all week at the beach enjoying the sounds (jet engine noise is music to my ears) and sights. Forget about the girls in bikini – this definitely will get my heart pumping really fast. This is way better compared to my pastime of sitting at the end of the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) watching (and taking pictures of) planes as they take off and land (depending on the wind direction). Really lame in comparison. I’ve searched the YouTube site and there are tons of videos of planes landing at St. Maarten airport.

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