NYC Urban Art by Aakash Nihalani

streetart2 His work is created in a reaction to what we readily encounter in our lives, sidewalks and doorways, building and bricks. I’m just connecting the dots differently to make my own picture. Others need to see that they can create too, connecting their own dots, in their own places.

umbrellastreetart treetart streetartbike streetbikeart streetartwhite streetartsdog streetar1 photocubeart hugstreetart artstreet artlinesstreet


  1. Real good, simple and systematic…
    the usage of the neon colors gave it a bright and cheerful mood…
    more power..

  2. This is a wonderful way to make us stop and look at our world more carefully! I like that the shapes are a bit off-kilter–so is this whole idea (in the best way, of course!).

  3. no kidding on the perspective perspective. would Dali get a perspective fail too? How about Rothko?

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