Odd Future’s Tweets Read by Grandma

Our favorite tweet-reading Grandma is back, and this time she’s having some fun reading Odd Future’s tweets. Some highlights:

“Made out with some random bitch. Half of me is like ewww. Herpes, that’s sick. The other half if like, yea! I got bitches.”

Tyler, the Creator, does have a valid point there. There are advantages and disadvantages in many of the situations life throws at us. Tyler truly is a grand poet of our day.

“Gonna go dream about unicorns and freckled girls and the background music is gonna be really pretty chords and I’m gonna be riding a dragon.”

You see, a tweet like that is exactly the reason Tyler must be allowed to create a music video with a $12 million budget. It would be a true A.D.D.-addled masterpiece.

“Her titties are yelling at me like, ahhhhh!”

Probably because the girl assumes she’s about to be raped by you, Tyler? Oh wait, unlike Em and other people he’s been compared to, Tyler doesn’t base his songs on experiences he’s actually had. That’s sobering in many ways.

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