Old postcards are more fun when aliens invade them


The creative Italian artist Franco Brambilla has come up with the idea to use old vintage postcards and add images of alien invasions to them. The postcards are mostly from Switzerland, Milan and Santa Barbara, only now they have flying saucers, robots and aliens added.

They look a bit fearful but they are fun as well because the aliens melt in perfectly with the previous motive of the postcards.

villa-italy-alliens-invade swiming-pool-water-monsters space-ship-invades-postcard space-ship-in-mountain ski-allian road-construction-allien monsters-and-space-ships monster-invade-old-postcard alliat-chillin allians-invade-city allians-invade allian-love-dog airport-landing-alliens

Famous space ships from Star Wars are also invading these old vingate postcards

star-wars-invades-postcards star-wars-invades-pool

A similar thing has been done by artist John Lytle Wilson – he used old paintings and added robots and monkeys so it would appear more alive.


  1. “Motive?” Did the postcard commit a crime? I think you mean “motif”, that is, a theme.

    Good find, but a bit of literacy help the presentation.

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