Only in Vegas

There’s a lot of great cities out there with all kinds of special things about them but only in Vegas will you be able to experience the following:

  • Jump off the ledge the 108th floor of a building and live to tell about it. (SkyJump at the Stratosphere)

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  • Slice into a big, juicy, delicious prime steak at STK with a jewel encrusted set of his and her steak knives worth $27,000!
  • Enjoy a $10,000 cocktail at XS; one of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas.
  • Not worry about a hangover because in Las Vegas we deliver. A cure that is. The Hangover Heaven bus will make a house call and have you up and partying again in about 30 minutes.
  • Get the crap scared out of you year-round at the one and only Goretorium by that handsome horror king; Eli Roth.
  • Not only bet on sports, but bet on all kinds of crazy things like the Emmy’s, Presidential election or other non-gaming events.
  • Clog your arteries with either a Fried Twinkie or Fried Oreo (downtown).
  • Visit a museum that is dedicated to the history of “The Mob”, endorsed by former Las Vegas Mayor and previous “Mob” attorney Oscar Goodman.
  • Endless choices of enormous buffets that feed more people daily than FEMA after a major natural disaster.
  • More high-end designer shops & boutiques than Rodeo Drive.
  • More award-winning fine dining restaurants per block than anywhere else in the world.
  • Experience luxury suites that may include a private basketball court, bowling alley, recording studio, stripper poles, giant jacuzzi, pool etc. Maybe the “Provacature Suite” is more your style if you have a fetish.
  • Stay in a hotel (Hard Rock Hotel) where you can order up some “naughty” lingerie from the room service menu.
  • Gamble, dine, dance, party, bowl and shop 24/7.
  • Ride a gondola (at Venetian Hotel), visit the top of the “Eifel” Tower (at Paris Hotel), ride a roller-coaster past the “Statue of Liberty”(at New York, New York) or sleep in a “pyramid” (Luxor Hotel) all in one city.
  • Go to Rock Star Fantasy Camp and jam with icons of Rock n’ Roll.
  • Get married 24/7 with ceremonies that may include celebrity impersonators from Elvis, the Sinister Minister Gene Simmons, Jack Sparrow, or the celebrity of your choice.
  • Have your wedding at a Drive-thru, Run-thru, a Denny’s, in a helicopter over the Strip, jumping out of a plane, in a mini golf, on a pirate ship, under water (complete with mermaids), or you pick the spot and we’ll bring the wedding to you.
  • More concerts and show options than any other city in the world. Vegas is still the entertainment capital. There are numerous Le Cirque productions, concert venues, head-line comedians, theaters and lounges.
  • Play in the sand box…..a great big giant sand box with REAL bulldozers and tractors. Big boys: big toys at Dig This.

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