Original Hotel Receipt from "Hangover"

hangover-billA group of four guys who head to Vegas for a bachelor party and after a night of raucous activities, can’t find the bachelor, have a baby to take care of and a tiger in their bathroom. Needless to say, all the pieces come together at the end of the film but have you ever thought to yourself.
hangover-receipt “Man! How much would a night like that cost?” This summer’s breakout hit has to be The Hangover. Everyone expected it to be funny and do well at the box office, but no one expected it to eclipse the $400 million worldwide mark. In case you didn’t know (or couldn’t guess), The Hangover 2 is already filming and planned for a Memorial Day 2011 release. Check out what happens when sport meet movies


  1. I suppose I should have thought about the per-person cost of the weekend. That is the type thing that always goes through my mind. (how did they tax people to build the Death Star?)

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