Our Seven Favorite Videos of News Anchors Cracking Up

by Will Conley

We swear on all the graves of all our ancestors that the videos in this post will make you laugh.

On August 17, 2011 the revered and dignified CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper completely broke down in a fit of giggles during a live broadcast of the Anderson Cooper 360 news show. The stimulus: his own pun-laden script about French actor Gerard Depardieu’s recent performance art piece Man Intentionally Pissing in Airplane Aisle While Airplane Taxis on Runway.

Cooper regressed to an earlier stage of his personal maturation halfway through the grade school humor news piece, giggling sporadically despite his best efforts, and mostly regained his professional composure by the end.

We laughed right along with him. There is something so contagious about people laughing in situations when they are firmly expected to not laugh at all. That must be why we love video clips of television news anchors just letting go and losing it.

In the spirit of Anderson Cooper’s less evolved side, we present to you our lucky seven favorite videos of news anchors from around the world, cracking up over stupid things.

Note: We fully realize this has been done before — compiling funny videos of news anchors — but we find that way too many of them are just plain uncomfortable. We’re not here to look at stuff that makes our stomachs turn somersaults and our conscience attack our minds with pitchforks. No. These videos are just good, clean fun. For a change. (Don’t worry, we won’t make a habit of it.)

First, we go to Germany…

Weather Woman Loses It Over Technical Glitch

Here, a German meteorologist notices the wrong screen has been flashed at the beginning of the weather animation graphics. It’s nothing special, but her laughter is beautiful.

News Anchors Laugh About Criminal Farting Story

A case of two news anchors seeing just how incredibly stupid the world can be at times.

Weather Man Laughs Non-stop About Dogs Humping

This guy is obviously a bit of a prude, as are his co-hosts, but their innocence is endearing — and their laughter contagious.

New Zealand Anchor Makes the Most of “Dikshit”

This guy seems to be a bit of a douche, but he’s funny nonetheless. He just riffs on and on without shame about an Indian diplomat’s last name, laughing all the while.

Awesome Laughing Over Stumbling Runway Model

Yes, it could be seen as being in poor taste to spotlight this skinny runway model completely fucking up her walk, but the laughter of these news anchors is just so genuine that you can’t help but join in.

Good Times Had by All Over Wild-ass Drummer

The drumming gets funnier and funnier as these Fox affiliate anchors do their usual giggly banter.

Canadian News Anchor Busts a Gut About a Ridiculous Invention

This guy can’t help laughing over this Red Green-esque invention, demonstrated hilariously.

Author Will Conley was in need of some belly laughs. So he asked his belly to help him, and his belly answered. Begrudgingly mind you, but it answered.

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