Paper in a play with light and shadow makes fine 3D sculptures


Jeff Nishinaka’s work with paper has a high level of elegance. His 3D paper sculptures look like they’re are made out of foam or fine white cream, giving it all a very delicate look.

The motives are anything from buildings to animals and nature. He also uses the play of light and shadows to make it look more alive.

Another art work that reminds of this one is the work of Allen and Patty Eckman that make fine and detailed sculptures out of acid free cast paper.

paper-city paper-bridge paper-art-stadium paper-art-man-on-piano paper-art-man-on-desk paper-art-lion-king paper-art-future-city paper-art-dragon paper-art-design paper-art-animals


  1. …. damn magnificent 3D paper sculptures…. I haven’t got a clue as to how the artist creates these awesome paper works of art…. I don’t think it’s that 1 sheet of paper style sculptures either but it is incredible what can be created out of “paper” !! 🙂

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