Papercrafting taken to the next level


Artist Taras Lesko has always had a passion for creating something with his hands, and that shows in these paper craft models. Usually he uses motives like action figures and robots from Play Station games or anime movies, but that hasn’t stopped him from making other things out of paper, like his own self portrait.

One paper model consists of about several hundreds of individual parts, a couple of hundred letter sized paper sheets, and is over 3 feet tall. The project of creating the robot Freedom Gundam from a popular Japanese anime took Lesko about two months.

A graphic designer from Japan has also used paper to sci-fi models, but the best part is that you can be a part of it by downloading the patterns in PDFs and built one yourself.

loran-lichty-paper-portraitprayer-paper-sculpture prayer-paper-sculpture-detailPrayer – Wall Mounted Papercraft

viewtiful-joe-paper-sculpture viewtiful-joe-paper-sculpture2

Viewtiful Joe – 3.5ft Papercraft

freedom-gundam-paper-sculpture freedom-gundamFreedom Gundam – 4ft papercraft

audi-r8-paper-sculpture audi-paper-sculptureForza 3 Audi R8 – Paper SuperCraft


  1. This gundam serie is the best. I can’t overlook my initial time watching Gundam Wing then know about Japanese mobile suit gundam. Hope to have more fantastic gundam serie in the future

  2. love robots in common, esp japanese gundam. Gundam is actually a piece of arts, why do they appear so detail. Japanese are sure incredible.

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