Passive smoking and children, creative posters

smokingkidsad Creative advertisement made by CHI&Partners from London makes you think about passive smoking impact on children health. Roy Castle Lung Foundation are committed to medical research, reducing smoking and patient support. Second hand smoke in the home hospitalizes 17.000 children in United Kingdom every year.

littlegirlsmokingad kidsmokingad This kind of posters that will draw your attention for sure , more creative advertisement about children safety parents say – children do.


  1. “Passive smoking has a hazardous impact on health. It is the process in which a non-smoker inhales the smoke of the tobacco that is exhaled by the smokers.”

  2. Don’t walk up to me with your brat child while I’m sitting on a bench smoking my cigarette and tell me that my smoke is hurting you, all the while buses, cars and trucks ride by spitting a hundred times more toxic fumes than my Marlboro. If you want to bitch about something, go find someone else. I’ll just laugh in your face in front of your kid.

  3. Passive smokers ought to pay their share of the cost of a packet of ciggies. Bloody freeloaders.

  4. Seems to me that these posters are specifically designed to speak to parents and others who smoke in their homes around their children.
    But in regards to the bus stops.. there’s not a lot one person can do to stop all these vehicles ‘spitting out’ toxic fumes. However when there’s dozens of people at bustops smoking and affecting kids who have to be there to catch their bus… well that almost as impossible with some of the above attitudes I guess.

  5. Secondhand smoke is not dangerous. All the propaganda built around the prima facie lie is slowly turning into a (small case t) truth. For shame.

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