People Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like Someone Else

Have you ever been tempted to go under the surgeon’s knife to look like someone else? The following people are so obsessed that they will do almost anything to be someone else.

The Jessica Rabbit Fan

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Rabbit

I enjoyed the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as I’m sure most right thinking people did. However, I can safely say that I don’t harbour any urges to become any of the characters. That’s because I’m not as stark flipping bonkers as Penny Brown. This Australian lady now lives in Japan and she is quite keen on being Jessica Rabbit. Sadly, Jessica is a cartoon character whose proportions aren’t realistic. This hasn’t stopped our bold heroine from getting breast enlargements and squeezing into a tiny corset every day to exaggerate her figure. Bizarrely, she isn’t even the first person to get surgery done to look like the famous animated character.

The Asian Brazilian

Plastic Surgery to Look Asian

Have you ever wished that you had been born on the other side of the world and looked completely different? Of course you have, as you are a hard to please sort of person. However, unless your name is Xian Guacho you didn’t spend a fortune a series of bleeding painful operations to look as though you were from another continent. This blonde Brazilian felt that his life would be enhanced if he looked Asian. 10 operations and a good few thousand dollars later he now models Asian clothes on a Brazilian website.

The Human Barbie

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova is a human who looks like a Barbie doll. What’s hard to understand about that? What? You don’t understand why someone would undergo a series of expensive plastic surgery treatments to try and look like a frankly unlikeable doll? Actually, when you put it like that I guess you’ve got a point.

The Nefertiti Surgery

Nefertiti Plastic Surgery

I’m sure I read once that the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti has been classed as the finest example of human beauty to ever walk the Earth. Personally, I thought she was a bit ugly but Nileen Namita didn’t agree with me. This English woman believes that she was an Egyptian queen in a previous life and has had over 50 operations to recreate the look in this life. Well, I reckon that I was a pirate in a previous but you don’t see me growing a beard and getting a hook fitted, do you? Actually, the beard growing part might be good fun really.

The Twin Surgery

Twins Get Plastic Surgery to Look Alike

The strange thing about this plastic surgery story is that it is a pair of twins who had the surgery to look like, err, twins. Jo and Kerry Burton are the deranged geniuses who spend all that money on looking the same as each other. They get all their operations carried out at the same time using the same doctors, although I guess that he at least finishes one of the noses before moving on to the next beak.

The Michael Jackson Surgery

Michael Jackson Look-a-Like after Plastic Surgery

Who do you think is in this picture with Michael Jackson? Unless you are Mr Magoo I am guessing that you didn’t say that it’s another Michael Jackson. This is a shame, especially for the lady called Miki Jay who spent $16,000 to try and look like the King of Pop. At least in this case there is an almost sensible reason for using plastic surgery to look like someone else. The UK based impersonator makes a living from looking vaguely like a dead singer.

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