Pimp your macbook with cool and creative decals

starwars-apple You can almost pimp everything nowadays, even your macbook. There are a lot of cool and interesting decals you can put on your mac, so it doesn’t look that boring and old. The Iron Man, Bart Simpson and Snow White are probably the most popular among people, but the other ones are also amazing.whak-a-mole-apple super-mario-apple suit-apple street-fighter-apple starwars-apple snowwhite-witch-apple pacman-apple mac-evolution-apple lego-applle iron-man-apple et-apple batman-apple apple-pie apple-iphone twilight-apple snowwhite-apple A similar thing has been done to old technology, like painting on floppy disks and VHS tapes, making them look like portraits.


  1. i just love macbook decals, recently i got my first one – simple snow white, but it looks sooo awesome…
    i can recommend these guys – excellent communication, and great collection of decals:)

  2. There is a great list of macbook stickers here. I think that me favourite would have to be the whack a mole sticker.


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