7 Places to Visit in New York for an Unforgettable Experience

A must see in New York places list contains tens of world-famous landmarks, districts, buildings and outdoor spaces, meaning that a trip to the Big Apple should take the shape of a two-weeks vacation and not a quick city break. All New York tourists should know that they can get their hands on a City Pass New York card granting them access to some of the most important such landmarks in the metropolis. If you want a quick reminder why New York should be on everybody’s wishlist of places to see once in a lifetime, we made a top seven places to visit in New York for an unforgettable experience.

1. Lady Liberty

Probably the best-known symbol of Freedom for the entire world, the Statue of Liberty has been the beacon of hope since 1886, guarding the New York Harbor and welcoming everybody who was (and still is) looking to make their dreams come true. Lady Liberty is included in the City Pass. For a truly unforgettable experience and an extra fee, you can upgrade to a Crown Ticket and go into the “Liberty Enlightening the World” statue itself.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also included in the City Pass, the Met welcomes the visitor with more than two million works of art spanning over five thousand years of human history. A visit at the Met might take up to five hours, but you will never be the same afterward, as some of these collections here will offer you an unparalleled vision upon the world very likely to change your life.

3. The 9/11 Memorial

Definitely not a landmark to put on your “fun” list of places to visit in New York, the 9/11 Memorial is, however, mandatory for all those wanting to honor the memory of the World Trade Center victims. Take your time to wander around 110,000-square feet of exhibition space in the museum and don’t forget to keep a moment of silence in front of the “Survivor’s Stairs” artifact to better feel, understand and tell the story of the heartbreaking events that took place that dreadful day. Also, make sure to sit for a few minutes next to the “Survivor Tree” – a powerful symbol of rebirth and resilience of mankind.

4. Top of the Rock® Observation Deck & Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center can keep you busy half a day, but the Top of the Rock deck is an experience of a lifetime. Spanning on three floors and perched more than 800 feet above the ground, Top of the Rock offers you a 360-degree view of the entire city. If you are a photography buff, this is definitely the place for you. And if you are really interested in some of the most unique landmarks in New York, seize the opportunity to also look at the Radiance Wall made by Swarovski.

5. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

One of the most interesting and mind-blowing places to see in New York, this museum is organized inside the aircraft carrier Intrepid, being located on the right side of the Hudson River. In other words, prepare yourself for an experience including space shuttles, spy planes, and submarines. In fact, this is the only place in the world where you can see with your very own eyes the world’s fastest military jet and spy plane and the Enterprise. This is not the famous Star Trek spaceship replica, but a real space shuttle – NASA’s prototype which went down in history as being the shuttle to pave the way for the space program. Whether you are interested in history or science fiction, this is the place you can’t skip on your City Pass.

6. Theater District

You can’t visit New York and skip the experience of a lifetime. A Broadway show is a must see and a must do no matter how long or short is your New York trip. The district will win your heart by its marvelous architecture, the dazzling lights, the joy of life pumping in the streets, the incredible food and, of course, the many shows available. After the show, let yourself be amazed by the night lights and life of the Times Square and don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Restaurant Row, a landmark for Broadway.

7. The Brooklin Bridge

Connecting Manhattan with Brooklin (two absolutely mandatory places to visit in New York), the Brooklin Bridge was designated national historical treasure and landmark in 1964. One of the city’s greatest attractions, the bridge is an engineering wonder and the best place to see the world-famous Manhattan skyline. If you have a soft spot for high-end architecture, you will certainly enjoy the magnificent Gothic arches guarding the bridge.

What other famous places to visit in New York do you know about? How many have you visited and how many are on your must-see New York list?

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