Plastic Surgery Obsessions: 3 Cases to Remember

When it comes to plastic surgery, you’d think that only celebrities, fashion models, entertainment stars, or some weird people (trying to resemble other real or fictional characters) are the only ones to commit their lives to all sorts of surgeries and interventions in order to look more beautiful, reshape their bodies, their faces, change how they look and reach a personal goal of perfection.

Plastic surgery, besides its medical and healthy features in some cases, has also a “show – off” side that society associates more and more with superficiality, but this is not for us to judge. The reason men and women alike are transforming their bodies to look in a certain kind of way is an issue between them and their surgeons. However, today we will look at some cases of plastic surgery obsessions which have nothing to do with the glamorous life of celebrities, but with real, “normal” people who took aesthetic surgery to a whole different level. Let’s see 3 cases of plastic surgery obsessions and their impact on peoples’ everyday lives.

1. The plastic surgeon who “carved” into his daughters

michael nicole

The news about Doctor Michael Niccole traveled the world fast last year, when the media got onto his case. The American plastic surgeon is the proud father of two amazing looking daughters, and what father wouldn’t be proud of such family? But the good doctor did more than any average loving father would do for his daughters to grow healthy and beautiful: he started operating on them while they were still children (first daughter to undergo belly button reshaping was only ten years old). The two happy daughters are actually marketing for their daddy’s surgical talents and daddy is happy to offer them boob jobs and other remodeling interventions. Does make sense, right?

2. Sarah Burge is investing into her daughter’s future

sarah burge

Sarah Burge has her own Wikipedia page and this is not small thing, especially if we look at her public statements, interviews and media follow-ups: she invested in her own plastic surgeries around a half million dollars, she had a serious case of fraud in the 2000’s and in the last years, the press was all over her because the woman regularly gifted her minor daughter plastic surgeries and plastic procedures vouchers, including boob jobs and liposuction… Hey, you may never know when the daughter of the so called “Barbie Woman” (although, in recent times, we have a lot of much younger and even crazier human Barbies roaming around) is going to decide that 16 years old is a good age to adjust your bra size or have a nose job. Who knows, maybe Dr. Michael Niccole is going to help the girl, out of empathy, of course.

1. The plastic surgeon that created his perfect bride

Dr David Matlock

If we remember correctly, the world read some stories related to a Dr. Frankenstein, a monster and a monster’s bride… right? Well… we have a doctor, plastic surgeon Dr. David Matlock – who was searching for his perfect mate, poor soul, and couldn’t find it…

Until one day, when she walked into his office asking for a… vaginal procedure. It was love at first sight and their story was quite hot in the press a few years back, as we aren’t the first to have thought about monsters creating perfect brides and actually carving with a knife a woman to make her… perfect. The two of them got married and apparently they spend their time in his office, planning new surgeries for the happy wife – who apparently doesn’t feel offended that her husband considers she needs all sorts of adjustments.

As you can see, plastic surgery obsessions seem to take over the world. The new Barbies are getting more in the open – young girls who undergo unimaginable surgeries in order to look more and more like perfect plastic dolls. And, as you can see, they also find some understanding and supporting doctors who seem more than willing to turn people into objects of true adoration.


human barbie

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