Play a ‘Game of Thrones’ Drinking Game

“The Big Lebowski” drinking game might be the most difficult in the history of movies or TV.

Typically, the rule is that, for every instance, one of the characters says “DUDE,” you take a drink. Easy enough, right? Well, the word “dude” is spoken 161 times, according to City Pages. That’s treading dangerously along the lines of alcohol poisoning.

None of this is to discourage you from coming up with fun and inventive drinking games, but maybe just something that requires more creativity and less constant chugging. The popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” kicks off its third season in March, and there are a few ways you can enhance the viewing experience with your friends.

‘They Took My Dragons!’

The famously hilarious line shouted by the stunning Daenerys Targaryen in season two spawned a great collection of memes and jokes. The Mother of Dragons has grown quite the maternal bond to her three-scaled companions. Anytime she mentions or refers to them, take three drinks — one for each dragon.

Theon Greyjoy is Creepy

The adopted son of Ned Stark with some serious daddy issues, Theon Greyjoy is clearly the most cringe-worthy character of the show. He hit rock bottom while trying to get fresh with his own sister on a horseback ride and wasn’t doing much better with prostitutes either. Take an awkward sip of your friend’s drink every time Theon Greyjoy does something creepy.

Joffrey Baratheon is a Huge Dick

King Joffrey might be one of the best villains in television. He’s murdered, backstabbed and betrayed — all with that smug, incestuous grin on his face. Every time Joffrey is a huge dick to someone (which is all the time), yell “Uncle Jamie’s your dad!” at the screen, drink up and have fun.

Jon Snow’s Mighty Willpower

A sworn member of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow guards the Wall to protect the kingdoms from the dangers that lurk north, and his will is about as strong as the Wall he guards. While, under capture, Jon has fended off several sexual advances from his female capture and looks determined to hold his vow of celibacy. Take a drink for every advance Jon Snow rejects, but finish your drink if he gives in.


  • If Brienne of Tarth does something manly, which is anytime she moves or speaks, take a drink.
  • If Varys makes a reference that he’s without his “manhood,” take a drink and thank God you have yours.
  • If someone confuses Arya Stark for a boy, take a drink.
  • If Samwell Tarly does something fat or lazy, take a nice, lazily paced gulp of your drink. If he falls down because he’s fat, just go ahead and finish what’s in your glass.
  • If (more like when) there’s nudity, give out a drink to someone else. And, if Catelyn Stark tries to tell Robb what to do, tell someone else to drink.

Season three of “Game of Thrones” starts March 31 on HBO. You have to subscribe to cable or satellite to get the channel, but you can find packages on sites like to see what’s available in your area. Hopefully you’ll make more memories than lose from all the booze, but I promise this game won’t make it easy on you. Brace yourselves.

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