Popular Giants of Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling started as a carny or (carnival) act many years ago. As with the traditions of the carnival, there were odd and bizarre shows held to keep the customers entertained. One of the carnivals most popular acts was the freakshow. Freakshows featured mainstays like The Bearded Lady, Wolf Boy, the Two Headed Man, and always featured the tiniest person and the giant. Pro Wrestling brought that carny mentality to television in the 1950’s and featured many midget matches and the wondrous giants of the squared circle. There have been many giants of the ring and we feature many of the familiar ones that were in the prominent territorial wrestling companies and popular brands like WWE and WCW.

Giant Gonzalez, El Gigante

  • Jorge Gonzalez
  • 7 ft. 7 in.

Jorge Gonzalez was the real name of the tallest “known” professional wrestler in history. Going by the names “El Gigante” and “Giant Gonzalez”, Gonzalez was probably the worst giant in the wrestling ring. He was slow and lazy and never really seemed to care. As many times as he was pushed into main events with wrestlers such as Ric Flair and Undertaker, Gonzalez definitely showed he didn’t belong. Sadly, Jorge Gonzalez passed away in 2010.

Andre The Giant

  • Andre’ Rene’ Roussimoff
  • 7 ft. 2 in.

Billed as the 8th Wonder of the World by the WWF (WWE) and the first WWE Hall of Fame inductee. Andre The Giant was the first “real” giant that people recognized as a true wrestler and talent. In the 1980’s, Andre was a huge fan favorite until turning his back on the ultra-popular Hulk Hogan. Andre ripped the shirt and cross from Hulk’s chest on Piper’s Pit talk segment to set up their Wrestlemania 3 main event. The dominating giant was, in real life, quickly deteriorating and passed the torch to Hulk Hogan when he was pinned after a monstrous bodyslam and leg drop by Hogan to give the good guy the win! Andre left soon after and passed away in 1993. Andre has big part in the movie “Princess Bride”.

The Great Khali, Giant Singh

  • Dalip Singh Rana
  • 7 ft. 1.5 in.

Photo Credit: nWoSyxx via Compfight cc

The Great Khali is a current WWE talent. He is popular with the kids and dances around the ring with a little person named Hornswoggle. Khali is the tallest wrestler on the WWE roster and is always the tallest or second tallest active wrestler in the United States in any given time. His in-ring action consists of a chop and a kick once in awhile and his finisher is…The Brain Chop! Yes. A hand chop to the top of his opponents head. Yes. This is a true statement. Khali is probably most known for killing wrestler-in-training Brian Ong a few years ago during a wrestling class. To Khali’s credit, he wasn’t at fault in Ong’s death as he was told to perform his moves to the concussed Ong as Ong said he could continue. Khali is considered a superstar and is doing very well for himself in the WWE as he has a solid (yet small) fanbase and his fellow wrestlers like him immensely.

The Big Show, The Giant

  • Paul Wight
  • 7 ft. 0.5 in.

“Wellllllll….it’s the big show”…

When The Big Show’s music hits, you know you are getting to see something special! The Big Show is a giant that can actually wrestle. The guy is so talented in the ring. The Big Show became noticed in WCW in 1995 as The Giant and at first was billed as Andre The Giant’s son. Show didn’t appreciate that and it was soon dropped. In WCW he was performing top rope moves like the “Missile Dropkick” and doing “Kip-ups” from the canvas. He debuted in WWE at the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” PPV in 1999 by helping Vince McMahon against Steve Austin, but tossed Austin into the cage and Austin dropped to the floor to win the match! The Big Show has had a long and rewarding career in the WWE by winning all the major titles and becoming a mainstay on its Raw and Smackdown programs. Show also has been featured in movies such as “Knucklehead”. The Big Show is the most successful giant in recent times and deservedly so.


  • Glenn Jacobs
  • 6 ft. 8.5 in.

The monster known as Kane is nearing the end of his career after years toiling in territories like Memphis. He made his “official” ring debut on August 15, 1995 on Superstars. He returned not long after as the Kane character. Supposedly, he was the brother of the Undertaker and he set fire to the family home killing their parents and scarring Kane. Kane wore a mask as a result of these scars and competed in a red bodysuit to hide his disfigurements. Jacobs was made for the Kane character as he took the role and ran with it. He has won many titles in his time with WWE including capturing two world championships. Jacobs is respected in the business and helps building younger workers as his career winds down. Jacobs is a big part of the success of the WWE and he is looked at as a terrific performer with many in ring skills to back up his character work.

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