Portraits made on floppy disks and VHS tapes

floppyart2 The portraits are created mainly by using painted floppy disks and VHS, and putting them together into one piece. The artist Nick Gentry has focused on how the technology is affecting our society, and how the World Wide Web has put aside all of the physical objects that were used to restore information on, like cassettes, VHS, polaroids and disks.


floppy-tape-art floppyartkiss floppy-art-girl floppyartgirl floppy-art floppy-art5 floppy-art4 floppy-art3 floppy-art2 artonfloppy Speaking of floppy disks, this was one of the first European ads against piracy and coping games on floppys. Check out how this guy made art on everything from cassettes and floppy disks to Nintendo and joysticks.

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