Portraits of iconic musicians made out of used joint filters

lenon An artist from Pittsburgh named Cliff Maynard is making portraits by using marijuana filters. The portraits are of famous people like Bob Marley, Snoop Dog and John Lennon, to mention a few. It’s not easy to make such a portrait and it takes about 200 hours to complete one, and it’s certainly not cheap (or legal?), one portrait will cost you $2,000.

usa touch snoop skelet oldguy jimmy jack doors bob making-of Cliff Maynard is also a tattoo artist, before you get your tattoo, check out worst tattoo locations .


  1. It would seem that not only is this person a stoner, but a tweaker as well.

    Very nice art work though.

  2. The artist is from Pittsburgh jackass. The last time I checked, Pittsburgh was in the US. I don’t see any filters in the pictures. It just looks like the roach unrolled with the weed dumped out. I guess they don’t cook brownies or make hemp butter in Europe, because then you would have a mouth full of weed. You’re statement is a fail.

  3. i agree. i don’t see filters (which in my neck of the woods is just a rolled up piece of a cigarette pack), just roach paper. but it’s very well done… but i’ll bet VERY smelly.

  4. hahaha the $2000 just goes toward the chronic for the joints probably… the actual art is probono LOL

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