Soccer Posters of 32 national teams for World Cup 2010


To honor the biggest sport event of the year, ESPN TV collaborated with top-tier New York ad agency Wieden + Kennedy to give birth to 32 original soccer posters, one for each participating country at World Cup 2010 hosted in South Africa. Every poster symbolizes football and national tradition of the country.

These posters can be seen on such places as print ads, billboards, bus shelters, hand-painted murals on buildings, food trucks, a print insert, 3’x4’ art gallery pieces, art books, digital banners and rich media banners.

south africaSouth Africa
nigeria and south koreaNigeria & South Korea
paraguay-and-new-zealandParaguay & New Zealand
slovakia-and-argentinaSlovakia & Argentina
portugal-and-brazilPortugal & Brazil
japan-and-hondurasJapan & Honduras
ghana-and-cameroonGhana & Cameroon
england-and-hollandEngland & Holland
serbia-and-greeceSerbia & Greece
cottedivoire-and-chileCôte d’Ivoire & Chile
algeria-and-north-koreaAlgeria & North Korea


  1. LOL Those “black people” at the end are called shadows, as in 2-D art can’t give you 3-D depth…..

  2. Do you have any idea how I could buy or acquire one of the above soccer posters for a keepsake?

    I already contacted espn and I am trying to find the name of the ad company who designed the artwork.


  3. re Steve -the danish poster must be racist against shadowed people then – or dimensionalist against shadows. fifa must fight it. some of my closest occurences are shadows

  4. Very meaningful pictures! Nice colors and it really gave a deeper thought addressed to the audience. I so love it!


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