8 Powerful Advertisements about Social and Environmental Issues

Most people I know complain about how annoying and intrusive advertisements are, and while this may be true, there are many of them which can open your eyes to what is happening around. Not every company tried to market its services. Sometimes, advertisements can be beneficial, because they address social, political and environmental issues. The whole point of a good advertisement is to send a message, grab attention, and have a strong impact.

We have compiled a list of 10 advertisements which will make you think twice about certain issues that affect the planet and the people around us. As David Ogilvy once put it “advertising justifies its existence when used in the public interest – too powerful a tool to use solely for commercial purposes”. So here is our list for the 10 most powerful advertisements in the world:

1.     Stop the Violence: Don’t Drink and Drive

Drunk driving is one of the major causes of accidents, but some people simply seem not to care about this. Before you hop in your truck think about the people that you might hurt. Taking a cab to avoid accidents is not that bad. This add, which portrays a man getting punched in the face is the perfect example of brutality on the streets.


2.     Bangalore Traffic Police: Don’t Talk While Driving

Not only has science proven that it is impossible for the brain to multi-task, but it is also dangerous. We have become so immersed in technology that we somehow manage to elude life. It is even possible to take a life because of this. The “Don’t talk while driving” advertisement is meant to draw attention to the problems that too much technology can cause.


3.     Save Paper – Save the Planet

Wood is without a doubt one of the most valuable resources on the planet. We use it for furniture, constructions, books, schools, and many more. But if we continue to utilize it senselessly we will soon run out. Trees also generate oxygen and protect the natural habitats of many creatures. This add “save paper – save the planet “ emphasizes on the importance of preserving wood.


4.     Every 60 Seconds a Species Dies Out. Each Minute Counts

Did you know that every 60 seconds a species dies out? Sure, you might think that there are hundreds of thousands of species on this world, but how can ignorance do the planet any good? We owe it to the World to protect other creatures.


5.     Liking Isn’t Helping. Be a Volunteer. Change a Life

I can’t remember how many times I’ve stumbled across a so-called “cause” which claimed that my like would make a difference. Seriously, who would ever believe that? It is only a marketing strategy that was meant to trick the faint of heart. The only way to help others is by getting involved.

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6.     You’re Not a Sketch. Say no to Anorexia

For some unknown reason, women have come to the conclusion that beauty is defined by the number of bones that you can count on their body. This is not true. True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You are not a sketch, say no to Anorexia tries to raise awareness and make women understand that the opinion that fashion magazines have about beauty is not a correct one.


7.     Global Action in the Interest of Animals: Plastic Bags Kill

Similar to the “Every 60 seconds a species dies”, the “Plastic Bags kill” advertisement also tries to raise awareness about the effects that our abuses have on other animals. These plastic bags depict animals that are being held by their necks. They have quite an impact, wouldn’t you say?


8.     For the Homeless, Every day is a Struggle

Have you ever stopped to wonder how other people around you are doing? Before you complain about your horrible job, or undisciplined children have you thought about thanking God that you have a place you can actually call home? Other people can’t afford this luxury. For them, your left-over dinner food can mean a meal for the day. Look around.


This is our round-up of the most powerful advertisements and ads in the world. We hope that they will help you see the world with different eyes.

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