3 Powerful Sorcerers We Should not Forget About

Just dare say “famous wizards or sorcerers in books and movies and the world will split in a biblical half, with Harry Potter fans on one side and J.R.R. Tolkien’s fans on the other. Harry, Gandalf, Saruman, Severus Snape, you will hear being shouted everywhere, as fantasy literature and cinema really outdid themselves in creating some very powerful and popular characters. Some shy voices might even whisper “Lady Melisandre”, as she is indeed not a man, but some people bet she could make mighty Sauron cry and run away in fear. So as we all know, famous, powerful sorcerers dominate this world, as a tribute to the old gang, such as Merlin (who is still quite popular) or the Great Wizard of Oz, a very amusing character if you still remember your childhood years. Still popular, though.

But what abut some even older and even more powerful sorcerers we should not forget about? What happened to the real dark, malevolent, mischievous, power – thirsty ones? Are they really forgotten or just terribly underrated, now that we have spectacular CGI wizards and fantasy series so epic, they sell millions on both paper and the silver screen. So who are these 3 powerful sorcerers we should not forget about, as they were monumental back in their day and deserve our full attention?

3. Harry Dresden

Granted, he is the most famous in our list of underdogs and became quite popular in the last years, not to mention his character is so badass, you can’t have anything but respect for him. This sorcerer private investigator is the Philip Marlowe of magic cases, a man who can take a punch and a stab wound like others can take a compliment. Smiling, that is. He is to the book series what Nathan Fillion was to the Firefly TV series and in case you didn’t get it, we’re talking about the Dresden wizard in the books, not in the TV show, as you won’t get half of the character’s savory by watching TV.

2. Darth Vader

In case you forgot, Vader was the most badass, darkest, meanest and most powerful sorcerer in the Galaxy. He was the quintessence of the Sith and even if the Jedi did some magic of their own and Yoda is still considered the cutest green grammar – challenged sorcerer that ever blessed this world, Darth Vader was the true force to reckon with. One of the most powerful sorcerers we should not forget about, Vader’s legacy would still be standing if not for the pesky little ones to interfere in his life. We are thinking seriously if the continuation of the Star Wars saga should not resurrect Vader somehow, as the man had magic at his little finger. Severus Snape and Saruman should take lessons.

1. Randall Flagg

Randall Flagg, as depicted by Michael Whelan

A man of many names and of many trades, he may not say anything to you if you’re unfamiliar with Stephen King’s universe. Actually, it’s enough for you to read the Dark Tower Saga, perhaps the most underrated fantasy series of all times. You may know something about the Man in Black, Walter o’Dim, Walter Padick and a few other references, but Randall Flag is one powerful, dark, twisted, psycho and supernatural sorcerer you need to know more about. I personally wait the day for Peter Jackson to turn the Dark Tower series into the movie series it deserves and give R.F. the rightful place among the most powerful wizards in all realms of literature and cinema. If you know that Mr. King has a soft spot for crossing his own plots one book to another and insert symbols and characters’ cameos for the connoisseurs’ pleasure, then you now that Mr. Flagg actually showed up in seven of King’s novels.

So while other people are nostalgic for Merlin or the Oz guy and our peers still fight the good fight of Harry vs. Gandalf, we root for these three powerful sorcerers we should not forget about, characters the world should not only appreciate more, but give more room for them to grow in popularity. Yes, Vader included.

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