Random but silly graffitis that will make you smile

fun-grafiti You have probably seen them on road signs, on buildings, or even at public restrooms, and it’s pretty sure that every city or suburb has them. They are no other than random graffiti art that has silly and fun messages and drawings.

wot whatarezoulook wanted two-faces super-mar stophammertime smiley-on-car pressbutton no-dogs no-barking loadingpleasewait lesswhite joshisonmyspace it-is-very-legal icanhearall graffiti-are-fun fightapathy fallinginloverocks everything-that dumpster chase-your-dreams big-art-sale awesome 2pac The pictures above show a random collection of graffiti that make people stop and smile. Other street art that can make you smile is these comic traffic signs.


  1. hahah cute signs. i love how graffiti is becoming more and more appreciated. it takes a certain kind of person with a lot of guts and creativity to make stuff like this 🙂

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