The Five Most Interesting Medical Conditions

Medicine has always been fascinating for most people and although some types of cases are fairly frequent, there are those conditions that only seem to occur once in a blue moon. Startling both doctors and patients, such ailments are by no means easily treated (if they have a treatment at all) and leave those confronted with them bot baffled and at an impossibility to manage. Here are some interesting medical cases that you may find worth reading:

1. Fibrodysplasia osificans progresiva(Stone Man’s Disease)

With only eight hundred cases confirmed worldwide, this disease belongs to the rarest and most incapacitating conditions out there. Patients experience bone growth in place of tendons and muscle (and generally, where connective tissue is found) so that movement is restricted progressively. This ailment can go as far as to turn patients into living statues (they can grow a second skeleton) although their inner organs remain perfectly healthy since they are composed of other types of muscle fibers.


2. Cotard’s Syndrome

This mental disorder also called “Walking Corpse Syndrome” represents and ailment where patients hold the delusional belief that they are dead (nihilistic delusions that are either literal or figurative but that have the sufferer convinced that he or she is putrefying, has lost his organs or blood and is no longer among the living). There are also rare described instances where patients suffer delusions of immortality. Although the DSM-IV and the ICD 10 (international classifications of mental disease guides) do not recognize Cotard’s Syndrome, there are several treatment options, where electroconvulsive therapy seems to work best.


3. Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome

Progeroid syndromes represent a class of ailments that go hand in hand with premature aging, and believe it or not, there are forms of this disease that can cause accelerated fat loss as well as tissue degeneration. There are patients who are still being investigated but are believed to belong to a class of this disease and who need to eat every fifteen minutes so as to stay alive . In spite of 60 meals a day, there are women suffering from this disease who absolutely can’t gain weight regardless of the quantities of food they take in (sometimes more tan 8000 calories).


4. Progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome)

Another extremely rare genetic disease, progeria represents one of the ailments whose marking symptoms are aging at very early ages and occurs once every 8 million births. Patients rarely live past their teen years, although there have been reported cases of sufferers living past the normal expected age. Sufferers age at eight times the normal rate so that, by the time they are 12-13 patients have already died from heart attacks, strokes or other age related illnesses.


5. Bark Skin Disorder

Most of us are absolutely appalled by a single wart that might make his way on or skin, but there are some cases of warts appearing across entire limbs, across faces and turning people into what seems to be a treant. As weird as it may seem, epidermodysplasia verruciformis is as real as it gets and represent a disease where the Human Papiloma Virus spreads uncontrolled across the skin of patients. There is also an immune system defect that is being considered in the parthenogenesis of this illness, but there are patients who require more than 2 surgeries per year if they are to remove these growths that keep on growing back.

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There are countless more diseases that can seem both horrific and interesting to the beholder, but the truth is that we will never comprehend the level of stress and pain that patients suffering such illnesses feel, although we can become more understanding by getting acquainted with the illness itself.

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