“Re-things” Pixelated 3D sculptures


Looking at these sculptures from a distance gives the illusion of pixelated illustrations. Artist Shawn Smith has managed to make them out of ink, plywood and acrylic paint so they would look computerized in a way. He is interested in the connection between technology and the real world.

The television gives us a perfect picture of the nature, but all we actually see are pixelated pictures of it. The unique 3D sculptures Smith creates are mostly of animals like for instance a colorful peacock or a majestic vulture.

Pixels have also been inspiring for another artist that has made 8-bit illustrations of popular characters and themes from old school video games and movies.


pixelate-blue-bird pixelate-birds pixelate-bird pixelate-bear-rugpixelate-swordfish pixalate-hat-fire pixalate-fire-in-cage zebra-skin-rug pixelate-tug pixelate-sculpture pixelate-sculpture-2 pixelate-pea-cock pixelate-moos pixelate-firepixalate-fountain


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