Real Donald Duck Car

Question for ya. What’s bright red, has a plate with the numbers “313,” and is owned by a giant duck with a sailor shirt and cap? Guess Donald Duck’s car? Winner, winner! Duck-filled dinner! Donald Duck’s car has  become a trademark for the comic character and is well known all over the planet.

Now the car has taken a leap outside the comic world and become a real automobile, sure to capture the attention of lady ducks as it cruises down the street. It has exact the same features, including the “313” license plate which is Donald Duck’s birthday: March 13. The car is not very spacious though; it only fits a couple of tiny people. Of course, we all know that in the cartoon, many ducks crammed into the car.

All in all the car is very detailed, and you would definitely get a lot of attention if you drove this baby through the streets of your town. Hmm, I wonder what our planet would be like if every person on it owned this vehicle. Methinks it would be a paradise–a duck paradise.

This article has been provided by Courtney McCracken. She has loved Disney since she was a child, and as she grew older, she came to appreciate it more and more.  I think she also has a thing for ducks, but you didn’t hear it from me.


  1. I am the owner of the 313.
    Only for tiny ducks?
    I am 100 kg and have no problem to drive it.
    Have also had Morten Harket from AHA sitting in back seat playing
    on guitar. Think he is 188 cm high.
    The car is located in Norway.
    Places to see my car this summer is. Bislett games, museum of art in Horsens Danmark and Norway cup in Oslo

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