Realistic Art On Street Walls

British street artist Boxi is becoming more popular everyday as he takes over the streets of Germany, one wall at a time. He is most commonly known for his haunting, post-apocalyptic work, but now his work more often shows the charming touches of humanity.

His installations are all hand-cut, multi-layered life-size stencils presented on concrete walls. They can consist of anything from a random young man just standing still to the ironic placement of a street cleaner; simple everyday people, but not real of course. Boxi completed his studies at the London St. Martins school of art with a BA Fine Arts degree in painting in 1996, so it’s of little wonder where he got his skills from. Some of his stuff really is amazing, and we definitely hope to see more from this guy in the near future. Other amazing street art worth seeing is Pacman all over the street walls of NYC.

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