Realistic sculptures made out of paper

Paper sculpturesThe married couple Allen and Patty Eckman are known for their fine and detailed sculptures made of acid free cast paper. Their art shows mostly sculptures of Indians, but it also includes nature, women, children and animals.

nature lacross indian-tree indians-on-horses indians indian-girls indian horse-and-dog horse hawaii eagle dancing-indian cowboy-bull cowboy bullindian buffalo-bull The couple have created the sculptures since 1988 and are the only masters of their medium having Eckman Method of Cast Paper Sculpture as their own trademark. If you would like to see more art made out of paper, you should take a look at how this simple paper turned into a two-dimensional piece of art.


  1. I must reaffirm the superlative of sean (above)… Just magnificent work
    Such joy radiates from them all…even through the limited lens of a photograph.
    I have a much beloved hand-cast sculpture from circa. 1980 I purchased from Atlas gallery, here in Chicago. It still, to this day is so very pleasing to me. The artist signature is of a woman: “Starlie Skol-Hohne”…Nowhere to be found on the web…Perhaps she was once a student??? This piece is an abstract…with color-highlights added I believe by staining with a syringe. It has such depth and myriad perspectual interest…I never tire of it…like my favorite jazz ballad “Then I’ll Be Tired of You” (Wonderful lyric)!
    Just thought I’d say hello and send great praise!

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