Red Bull + sculpturing = a brilliant exhibition

Red Bull, the most popular energy drink in the history of civilization, has now been used to create stunning sculptures. A Red Bull Art Exhibition was held in which you could turn in empty Red Bull cans, and, after a few days, those cans would transform into some kind of figure.

There was a whole team of people that made art out of the empty cans. Some of them were artists, others were students, and some were designers. At the exhibition you could see everything from angel wings and little bugs to pigs and paper planes. They even turned a can into an iPod, and called it iCan. The project gave normal people the opportunity to show their artistic work to thousands of others. So the next time you drink Red Bull, save the cans and make something extraordinary.

A similar thing has been done in Turkey where people used empty Efes Pilsen cans to make sculptures.

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