Album covers of Eastern Europe 70s pop stars

retro covers (1) retro covers (5) Somewhere in Eastern-Europe back in the 70’s, these were the actual album record covers of pop stars. I’m not sure how “good” that was for their album sales / charts.

retro covers retro covers (4) retro covers (2) retro covers (6) retro covers (3)

Some of the guys back then had their own unique styles, one of them was over 60 years old with “I am on top of the world” attitude riding a satellite in space. “Milance” is a big Casanova , a lady killer with Prince wannabe look. Then we found out that George Michael stole the outlook image from the big star “Zlatko” ,“Bajo” with stylish suit, hair and old “Tozovac” riding a cannon in a very funny FAIL position. Now I am actually thinking that Bajo and Saveta, the lady from the first picture, were dating back in the days.


  1. I was just thinking how beautiful and REAL the women look. Real women have curves. I shave myself, but I don’t see why a woman can’t make the choice not to and still be on an album cover.

  2. Yes, media has made it cool for us to shave our legs……….. It also made us obesess over the amount of calories we consume per hour

  3. Jason you make me sick, you think you’re better that us? Because all that stuff that makes you think your a (pseudo) intelligent man we all know it, but then again you’re stoopid. We’ll be laughin’ about our looks in 10 years from now and that doesn’t matter as long as we are happy about and not bitter and sour as you my unhappy man.

  4. Oh………. The problem is that we are unhappy now. What is the point in being happy and laughing ten years from now if we can’t do it now…. I think you are the unhappy one. But, worry not…. Everything will be okay- (maybe in ten years time?)

  5. Ok, here are some translations from the writing on the album covers if anyone is interested, should make them even funnier 🙂

    1. Saveta Jovanovic – the sideways white writing – “Lies, lies, all that is yours!”
    4. Milance Show – the blue thing say “COME BACK NENA!” (that’s my mother’s name, you know)
    5. Zlatko Pejakovic – the white word in the gold star says “Gold” and the sideways white writing says “These nights, one woman sleeps soundly”
    6. Bajo i Orkestar Mirka Kodi?a – red sideways writing – “I am winged like a bird”
    7. Tozovac (dude on tank) … I can’t really read it

  6. Eastern Europe is NOT Poland only, because all of these are Polish, that’s why they’re all ugly 🙂

  7. Those of you talking about ugliness should take a good hard look at all the grossly obese people around the good old US of A.
    Ugliness is part of your dialogue and fear of all things forreign.
    At least these people are themsleves and not a product of Hollywoods plastic and silicone surgeons.
    Take a long hard look at yourself. That's where the ugliness is.

  8. Haha, there are still some “artists” here in ex-Yugoslavia who have similar looking album covers, but most of them have the finances to pay some photoshop work 😉

    And about the translations – the last one bellow “jeremijino kolo” is: text read by B. Milenkovi? – The Gypsy

  9. US, come and feel a taste of Europe and you will see why is living worth.
    Been in USA but… no thanks. That is not life.
    And not to mention what is us government doing…
    it makes me sick.

    Go and live and fear now:)

  10. haha you stupid f’s are going crazy cause someone said someone else looks ugly?


    “hey, don’t be mean, they’re beautiful on the inside, know”

    shut up. if you can’t tell yourself that one of these albums has an ugly person on it, than who is it that is actually missing the truth?

    you’re ability to mask their appearance with the assumption that they sing well, is our ability to (just like you do every day, unless you’re blind) look at them and say they are ugly.

    i need people telling me how to judge music art like i need a hole in the head.

  11. You don’t need to be able to sing anymore to be famous….just look hot!

    The software in studio and live will automatically keep your voice in tune….

  12. This might sound impossible, but the ridding cannon guy made lots of money back then and the guy with white suit and black hat also had successful career. Actually all of them had very successful careers 35 years ago and I know this all sound ridiculous but it’s true. The fact is back then you didn’t need good look just to be famous, they are all very talented people, but obviously theirs talents didn’t include fashion 🙂

  13. Wow-For the longest time I always thought it was the Americans who were intolerant of other cultures, but after going through these comments a completely different picture emerges. For every American “who thinks Europe is a country” there is a European who thinks America is nothing more then obese people and hollywood types. It is sad that you are all equally misinformed.

  14. Its kinda funny to read People’s comments because 99%
    of the people dosent know what they are talking about
    1. “Omg she Got Hair ón her legs” Well if she does so what?
    Its about 40years ago people where not like ” Holy i Got ONE hair im gonna die” she sold her albums without her look not like the Singers today . If you Got money you Can make a album . Look at Paris Hilton i Think we All can agree she dosent know anything about how to sing but daddy have $$ . All the great singers are death Tupac/Biggie Kings of rap. Jackson King of pop King of everything. We only have Madonna left the Queen. There is other good singers aswell but the new age the new generation of singers are lame! They sing what people want to hear not what they love to sing its a big fail! Where is the times where you had to be good and not how hot or $$ you have? People are talking about how ugly the covers are but they are not thinking ! 2. Dont get the media they are linking to this site dont they have better stuff to write about? Well i guess not!

  15. I respect everyone of these performers. They had the guts to make an album and put it out there for everyone to see and enjoy. By our standards now they look funny, but when I look at my High School photos I crack myself up. Times change and so do our thoughts of what is funny.

  16. be as politically correct as you’d like. Ugly is ugly is ugly. I could care less if they are ugly due to “current standards dictated by the media” or whatever other wishy-washy cr*p you’d like to call it. And I could care less where they are from (stop getting so damned offended – geesh).

    The bottom line is a fat chick with a wacky eye and hairy legs is ugly. A scrawny guy with a mullet and bad teeth is ugly. They could be the next coming of Frank Sinatra and it wouldn’t change the fact that these artists likely scare schoolchildren with their appearance.

    Unless one of these people is your mom or brother, then how in the world can you possibly be offended? Do you troll the internet looking for things to be offended about? Loosen up a bit and take that giant stick out of your BEHIN. Learn to laugh a little. The problem with the world today isn’t the fact that people are superficial or point out things like this – the problem is that everyone takes themselves so seriously anymore. Lighten up for crying out loud

  17. This is not Eastern Europe. Most of these are Serbian, or at the time Yugoslavian which is in the BALKANS. Check again what is considered to be Eastern Europe.

  18. “and in my school i learned the federal structure of USA, and funcions of senat, parlament, president…”

    Lol. We don’t have a parliament. We have a Congress. Time to go back to school I suppose…

    Anyway, why the hell are people arguing over something as silly as Europe Vs. the US? You didn’t choose your place of birth, you have no reason to take pride in it. It’s like being proud of your hair color or something.

    I don’t understand people sometimes…

  19. That “Eastern country” is Serbia. All of this singers are Serbians, and pictures are not made in photoshop, cause i found somewhere one of those cassettes in my uncle house. But there is one thing i know for sure *they were not so popular*. And Serbian nation just laugh on this to. I know all about this shit since i`m from Montenegro, and Montenegro and Serbia were one country called Yugoslavija.

  20. These people are not pretty nor talented -_- music like this exists today and it’s load of bullsh*t. Also, yeah, this is not East or whatever, it’s Yugoslavia. Educate yourselves.

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