Ridiculous Hairstyles that are Both Mind-Boggling and Insane

Apart from our clothes and our way of behaving, we express ourselves with the help of our hairstyle-the color, the length, the way we wear it loose or tie it down, how we try and accessorize, how we make it fit to business attire or on the contrary, let it be the only stand-out element in a perfectly chosen outfit. It is no secret that women who have beautiful, long hair and a naturally beautiful skin are perceived as extremely attractive. They know how to carry themselves, and also how to take care of their body. All these things matter, so when people want to make a statement, they often choose their hair to be the statement giver. In the following cases, a statement was clearly made. We leave it up to you to decide what type of statement it was and if it reached you loud and clear. Enjoy!

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Violin, has Anyone Seen My Violin?!


This gorgeous up do combines elements that only a true hair stylist could master. That and a few dozen cans of hairspray. Clearly this was meant to be worn at a specific venue, the answer is, was the roof high enough?

Someday I’ll Fly Away, Leave all This to Yesterday


Not to drift too far away from element-influenced hairdos, this particular style involves a helicopter as the central inspiration point. In this case, the artist clearly had his work cut out for himself since he had to work with precise lines and surely, an unpatient model. We especially love the propellers.

Clearly, He Was Going for Mr. Peacock


In the wilderness, peacocks attract mates by showcasing their beautiful feathers-the higher and more colored their tails, the greater their chances at attracting suitable mates. This strapping gentleman clearly was on to something here, although the execution may have lacked a certain something.

E.T. Phone Home


This lovely young lady is the depiction of grace, elegance and originality (with a dash of loco) due to her obviously misplaced glasses. The hair looks marvelous if she is (as we surely all believe) going to a ComiCon but where are here alien glasses? It certainly would have completed the ensemble perfectly.

Unicorns Do Exist


Lay your fears to rest! If you also were under the impression that unicorns are just a figment of someone’s’ imagination or that they simply could not exist, think again! In this case, the artist is clearly trying to send out a shutout to all unicorn lovers out there that the time to believe is among us! So rally and believe once more in the kingdom of the Unicorn. If not, the hair simply has no business unicorning like that.

We’ve Found Cinderella’s Slippers


Imagine how the story would have ended if the prince would have simply taken the time to look at the ladies in the ballroom and notice that Cinderella had misplaced her slippers, but a well-intended guest had stored them in a perfect location for safe keeping? His pursuit would have been much easier had he only inspected the wigs of the participants.

The Fluffy Matryoshka Dollimages

When Jane Eyre met the Russians, something like this was bound to happen. The hair clearly yells “Look at me, look at me” while the immovable facial expression clearly takes the look to a whole new level. Actually, this hairstyle has absolutely no logic other than to protect the head of a (possible Russian spy) delicate mademoiselle from the long and aggressive Siberian winters.

This is our countdown for the most ridiculous hairstyles that are both mind-boggling and insane. What do you think? Would you use any of them for your next Halloween party?

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