Rusty scrap metal transforms into animal and bug sculptures

At first glance, you probably can’t figure out what these insect and animal sculptures are made of. Believe it or not, they’re constructed out of things you can probably find at your neighborhood flea market.

A flea market is where artist Eduard Martinet goes every time he needs material for his sculptures. And no, he doesn’t live in Boca. He uses kitchen pans, car lights, old typewriter keys, and other other junk sitting around at car boot sales or flea markets to build his sculptures. Mr. Martinet has the uncanny ability to take something rusty and transform it into something beautiful. He carefully sculpts every piece after sketching every angle; the whole process takes a great deal of time.

Would you want these in your home or office? Of these creations, which one is your favorite? I personally am a fan of the frog.


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