Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Now Offered in a Multitude of Colors

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is worth a commercial presenting it in a slow-motion sprinkle through the dirt, with a narration of its specifications done by some mysterious man with an in-depth speech. Think vehicle advertisements.

The all-new strong edition of this Samsung Universe S6, the S6 Active model, is offered now at US dealers in a number of colors that are covering every taste when it comes to appearance: Gray, Camo White and Camo Blue.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Based on the same style as the Galaxy S6 edition that Samsung aficionados have known and liked for the last few months, the Galaxy S6 Active, at a price of $695, is designed for those who have an active lifestyle. These people generally have an intense work that follows them, those who like challenging the dreadful situations because it is their job to do it and for those who just have no luck in maintaining their phones working normally.

The S6 Active’s strong development contributes to another level of resistance on top of the extensive functions set provided by the platform design of Samsung’s newest smart phone. This model gained an ideal five out of five rating on AT&T’s Eco Ranking System, which the wi-fi service provider uses to help clients understand how its products influence the surroundings.

With the Galaxy S6 Active, they are providing customers high strength along with a great and effective performance of the Samsung’s newest leading smart gadget. The result is a smart phone that delivers rugged abilities and water proof along with the high-tech digital camera, long battery power and style functions that encourage the customers and business users to try more things.

The S6 Active operates on the Android OS 5.0 Lollipop and is set for upgrading Android M when this new OS comes later in the year. The product functions on a 64-bit octa-core processor and is energized by a 3,500-mAh battery power that can be charged easily.

The strong system comes in a conventional way with Samsung’s Activity Zone, a package of applications for those adventures out into the wilderness. The package contains applications such as climate, compass, flashlight and other programs for the moving companies and the worker who get their job done.

Well-qualified clients can get the S6 Active from a specialized supplier without any down payment through the official program initiated in the US.

As the unique supplier of Samsung Galaxy Active smart phones, the company say that its clients should have delivered “best-in-class specs” that are designed to deal with the battering of very active lifestyles.

The Galaxy S6 Active is currently the best Galaxy S6 on the market. It delivers a combination of all the top quality functions of the Galaxy S6, but is also resilient enough to deal with deterioration. You cannot find this device – with its mixture of efficiency, reliability and 4G LTE options – at any other phone producer. And on top of that, the clients will be able to choose between two awesome new colors: Camo Blue and Camo White.

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