Have an Appetite? How About These 4 Scary Restaurants in the World?

Remember famous King Leonidas (of the 300 movie, of course) and that powerful line that was going like “tonight we dine in Hell?” Well actually that line inspired this article, not because we are going to show you some very weird restaurants in the world that you probably may have heard about already, but because we aim to show you some very scary restaurants in the world that would pretty much classify in the category of “eat once, remain scarred for life.”

Before we proceed, however, we should remind you that by scary, we don’t mean only the thrill and the chill you get down your spine when entering the place for the first time, but also some confusing feelings (ranging from fear, to heart-attacking surprise, to visceral disgust) you might experience while you’re there. So if you’re ready to face some horror and some terror and some insane ways of eating, let’s buckle up and take the ride to four scary restaurants in the world.

1. Marton Theme Restaurant, Taiwan

marton theme restaurant

This one you probably know by know, as it became a famous chain with a concept that can still give people chill down their spines. If you’re that kind of person who feels hepatitis creeping in his or her system every time you see a lonely strand of hair around or in your plate, The Toilet Restaurant is not for you. It is for the other ones who find it actually exhilarating to sit on toilet – like seats and eat from toilet – like bowls and plates. Disgusting? You bet your hospitalization money on it.

2. Cannibalistic Sushi, Japan

Cannibal Restaurant

If eating sushi was a pretty challenge for you, imagine eating delicious Japanese raw fish and dishes like sashimi for instance, all wrapped up in a dough that gets the shape of a female human body. This is called Nyotaimori and you basically sit around the corpse, cut in in pieces and eat it. Not for the fain of heart, to say the least. The “body” is edible and there is also some red sauce dripping out of it at every cut, because the Japanese have this soft spot for realism.

3. Alcatraz ER, Japan

alcatraz ER

Of course, Japan. What do you get when you go out to eat in a restaurant and end up in a hybrid of a hospital and a prison? Maybe this was Leonidas’s idea of dining in Hell? This one scary restaurant in the world took things up a notch (because Japan) and figured there are already prison – like restaurants and hospital – themed restaurants, why not creeping the living soul out of you? Food is served in shapes and forms one can’t really grasp (severed penis, there, are you happy now?), in cell rooms, right after you made a blood oath (actually they test your blood type), were cuffed and sent to your dirty corner to enjoy dinner, that if you still have a stomach inside your body.

4. Ninja, New York

ninja new york

Maybe less scary, but definitely entertaining, especially if you have minor heart problems or you’re the type who screams at every scene in every horror movie. Ninja Restaurant has a bit of a scare for you: first you walk through some dark, creepy low lit labyrinth, if you’re lucky you get a prison cell all for yourself, and if your nerves aren’t still shattered, here comes the fun part: your waiters are all ninjas, dress-up and skills, and they will do anything in their abilities to make your blood rush through your veins, as these boys are full of tricks.

Now, if you really want to get some chills, we also recommend you to try Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant in Finland, as it will give you enough freezing chills to keep you frisky for the entire year. And remember, eating and getting scared to death are very much in the trends right now and of course, you can always choose other types of thrills, like eating in one of the many suspended at high altitudes scary restaurants in the world, or in complete darkness, or having sharks looking in your plate through a glass window… Bon appetit!

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