Sea Creatures Become Transparent And Colorful

He started as a random fisherman with great interest in ichthyology, when he suddenly began to represent different sea specimen in an unusual way. Iori Tomita is the man that we’re talking about. He catches different creatures that live in the sea and makes them colorful by making them transparent.

His methods are tricky; first he gets rid of the fish skin and scale. Then the sea creature is getting soaked into bluish color. Afterwards he breaks down the muscles and proteins by using chemicals like trypsin so the creatures look transparent. At the end they are dyed red and placed into jars with glycerin. The pop of colors are amazing and gives the jars special touch. It’s like the creatures are fake, made of glass, but that is not the case, it’s all so very real.

Tomita says that he wants to show people the hidden beauty of nature that we tend to miss out on. Speaking of colorful sea creatures, prepare to meet the “Strawberry Crab”.

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