5 Sea Creatures Weirder Than The Florida Mermaid

The media was ravished earlier this year by the video / footage of the “thing” that became known as “The Florida Mermaid”, a creature so legendary and so looked everywhere, some people thought it would be wise to turn it into a viral hoax. That it is a hoax, nobody doubted for a second (oh well, maybe for a few days, until the truth became obvious to everybody), but the point is: why elaborating on such a prank, when this world’s waters are still full of sea creatures weirder than the Floria Mermaid and, above all, real?

florida mermaid

Humans’ imagination was always stirred by the supernatural, the unknown and the mysterious, especially when myths can become so palpable, we can see them with our own eyes, but until we can get our hands on a real manticore, a cockatrice or take live footage of the Kraken (not to mention an interview with Chtulhu), let’s take a look at what nature, in its generosity, offered us to our full amazement. Today we will remember five sea creatures weirder than the Floria Mermaid and stranger than fiction itself.

5. The Blobfish


Also called in a few instances “The Fish from Hell”, this poor bastard is not only incredibly ugly, but now on the verge of extinction. While nobody cares to actually catch it, as it isn’t edible, it has the misfortune of living in the same waters and depths with other interesting sea creatures which are edible. Since it can’t swim normally, as it represents merely a gelatinous mass which floats, it is quite often caught together with its delicious buddies, the lobster and the crab.

4. The Firefly Squid

firefly squid

Instead of hunting for Ariel in the oceans at night, imagine seeing this little fellow glowing more spectacularly than your own Christmas Tree. It glows beautifully and when mating season comes, these sea beings put on a light show that would make Las Vegas look like a child playing with a flashlight. Among the most fascinating sea creatures weirder than the Florida Mermaid, the firefly squid, as tiny as it is, is a delight for everybody who has the chance of seeing it.

3. The Tassled Scorpionfish


Well, it is still far away from being categorized as a Stephen King nightmare lobstrosity, but if you look at this guy, you will realize all mermaids pale in comparison. It is venomous, carnivorous and that face alone can give you the chills. A lady-fish with hair is twice less interesting than this killer in the sea.

2. The Japanese Giant Spider Crab

japanese crab fish

This is the Godzilla of crabs, you know, those little creatures with many legs you order in your favorite sea-food restaurant, but try imagining how it would be to bump into one of these mutant – like sea dwellers. It has the body the size of a basketball and eight legs with a leg-span of up to 13 feet. One of the scariest sea creatures weirder than the Florida mermaid, this badass looking crab would inspire H.P. Lovecraft if he were alive today. Fortunately for everybody, it is less dangerous than it looks.

1. The Box Fish

box fish

Think about it for a second and admit frankly: when you are talking about fishes, generally, their elongated, dynamic shape is the first one that comes to your mind. Of course, some of them are rounder and puffer, but try imagining walking down the beach and seeing a cubic fish. Yes, one that is shaped like a cardboard box. This little oddity can be seen in Indonesia, and the Florida Mermaid has nothing on them, as when younger, the box fish come in colored shades, while the adult versions start displaying a blue – gray nuance that looks spectacular.

Do you want more sea creatures weirder than the Florida Mermaid? Check out specialized magazines and journals, deep – sea explorations’ results, documentaries and testimonials. You will realize that it is more amazing and entertaining to discover true nature than building up hoaxes.

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