Three Secret Societies that Supposedly Created the Modern World

Conspiracy theories have always been popular. Nowadays people believe that the world is being run by a secret organization called the Illuminati, and the people of power are nothing but tools. Others think that we are at the mercy of a select few individuals who can decide our fates. Are these theories far-fetched, or is there any truth to them? We might never know the truth, because the whole point of secret organizations is for them to be, well, secret. Nevertheless, there have been quite a few secret organizations in the past who have supposedly created the Modern World, as we know it today. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

1. Filiki Etaireia – The Friendly Brotherhood


The Friendly Brotherhood, with it seemingly innocent name, is actually responsible for the formation of modern-day Greece. They apparently formed during the Greek revolutionary war in 1821, and since then have made plans to overthrow the Ottoman rule in Greece, and re-establish important trade routes. Most of the members were merchants, and everyone in the organization had to pass through 4 levels of membership to gain supreme authority. Of course, everyone also had secret identities. Sadly, the Friendly Brotherhood only managed to recruit 30 members, the most enthusiastic of which was Nikolaus Galatis (who claimed to be the relative of Greek Ambassador for the Russian Empire Ioannis Kapodistrias). This society was responsible for the outburst of the Greek Revolution in the spring of 1821, and although it broke apart during it, Greece managed to win its independence.

2. La Trinitaria


Another country that owes its existence to a secret society is the Dominican Republic, which was helped by the Trinity Secret society. This society was formed in 1838 due to the desire for independence that was finally voiced through Juan Pablo Duarte (who is often referred to as the father of the Dominican Republic). The goal of la Trinitaria was actually quite grand: members wished to educate the people and spread nationalist sentiments.

Although they attempted a revolution in 1843, they failed miserably and were imprisoned. A handful of members, with Duarte fled to Venezuela and plotted their second uprising for February 27, 1844. In the end Duarte returned to become president but was exiled from the country.

The Trinitaria Oath:

swear and promise, by my honor and my conscience, in the hands of our President, Juan Pablo Duarte, to cooperate with my person, life and goods in the definitive separation from the Haitian government and to plant a free, sovereign and independent republic, free from all foreign domination, that will be called the Dominican Republic.” (Source:

3. The Hawaiian League


Somewhere around the beginning of the 19th century the Kingdom of Hawaii was formed. Of course, it did not last long because a secret organization called the Hawaiian League plotted its downfall. This organization consisted of over 200 wealthy Europeans and Americans who were not very happy with King Kalakaua’s rule, who was believed to be too extravagant. Their motto revolved around the constitution written by Lorrin A. Thurston in 1887. Although opinions were contrasting, they all wanted the same thing: to overthrow the monarch. In the end they allied with the Honolulu Rifles and attacked Queen Liliuokalani. In the end Hawaii became US Territory, and in 1959, a state.

There are several other secret societies which should be mentioned because they had an impact on different countries. The list includes, but is not limited to The Union of Salvation, the Irish Republican Brotherhood and the Katipunan. For all we know, there could be other societies that we do not know about even now.

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