Selfies Gone Wrong: The Tragic World of Bad Photos

So, you’ve got a camera and you’ve practiced your pose in front of the mirror a million times. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot actually, as this look at the tragic world of selfies gone wrong shows us.

The Intruding Animal Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and Intruding Animal

The golden rule of television is to never work with animals or children. The golden rule of selfies is to not take one when a hungry camel is looking at you and licking its lips.

The Kim Kardashian Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and Kim Kardashian Sunburn

I think it’s fair to say that most of us have ended up with that stupid panda look at one time or another. Thankfully most of us aren’t Kim Kardashian and we have enough self awareness and lack of a desperate craving for attention to not take a lame selfie and post it to Twitter.

The Bathroom Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and the Bathroom

In case you aren’t aware of the difference; the bathroom in your house is where you can do things in private on your own. Public bathrooms are where other people go to do things as well. Taking a camera into a public bathroom and snapping tragic selfies is not always an entirely appropriate act. Nice shades, by the way.

The Terrible Mother Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and Terrible Mother

You know what’s it like; you’re all kitted out and made up for a great selfie and the brat says he’s hungry or he needs to go to the bathroom or it’s three months since you sent him to school. Some of the worst selfies gone wrong show us great background stuff like this kid who has suddenly realised that Facebook comes first, Twitter comes second and he is languishing in a distant third place.

The Madonna Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and Madonna

In moments of gentle reflection I sometimes wonder why celebrities take so many selfies in the first place. I mean, aren’t people like Madonna surrounded by things called entourages? I have always wanted my own entourage of beefy bodyguards and personal assistants who agree with everything I say and laugh at my lame jokes. If I had one I would make sure that they earned their pay by taking photos of me whenever I felt like it. And I would fire them if any of the snaps came out as bad as this. The cocktail looks horrible as well.

The Justin Bieber Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and Justin Bieber

There are many things which define Justin Bieber these days. The lack of a shirt and a huge number of selfies are just two of them. In this one he is still looking for his shirt but has managed to find what looks like a dead fox to keep him warm. You can tell by his face that the futility of appealing to his worldwide fan base through the use of selfies gone wrong is starting to dawn on him. Poor thing.

The Scared Baby Selfie

Selfies Gone Wrong and Scared Baby

Won’t anyone think about the babies? Those poor little creatures have a lifetime of bad selfies in front of them. By the time this little fellow is old enough to hold a camera in his trembling little hand he will probably have featured in hundreds of shots like this. No wonder he looks scared.

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