The Shadow Knows , Lego Creative ads

shiplego This advertisement asks you to imagine what these simple block formations mean. Using shadows, they tell us that it’s simply our imagination that makes these blocks come alive and, that through our experience, we can see anything through them.

legotenk legoairplanelegodinosaur Did you notice that the background colors were chosen to signify the sea (blue) or land (green)? Or that the airplane is hovering while the other three blocks are set firmly on the ground? Advertising doesn’t get as simple (or as meaningful) as this.


  1. In a way it shows how lame lego is, you have to imagine the shape instead of building it.

  2. Uhm. . . possibilities. I need a meaningful work-at-home creative position that I don’t have to pay to join and/or waste more good money to access the benefits. But, for anyone who cares, I wake up early and keep good notes.

  3. Lame? Not in the least. Lego allows a child with an active mind to build whatever it is that he/she imagines…

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