Sheep in Scotland gone all funky and colorful

red-sheepIf you have driven on the M8 in Scotland lately and seen red and blue sheep grazing on the fields, be sure that it’s not a hallucination. Scottish farmer Andrew Jack is the one that has started to paint his sheep in bright red and blue colors to “spice things up” so people could smile on their way to and from work. They are sprayed with animal-friendly paint, something they don’t mind at all, and they will remain colorful until sheared. It all started when the farmer wanted to paint them blue to mark St Andrew’s Day, but now that it has become an attraction in itself, the thought of using other colors as pink has crossed the farmers mind.

red-sheeps-high-way red-sheep-2 sheeps-red blue-sheeps blue-sheep bluesheep Sheep has been used as ideas to several other things, like these sheep sculptures made out of rotary telephones.


  1. He must be selling them for meat, because the extra washing of the woold seems like it would be a big pain!

  2. All the wool gets thoroughly washedfor s anitation reasons, so I am sure the paint would come off during that… kinda cool I think.

  3. Farmers use paint on ALL sheep for identification, and to help see who is breeding with who. I imagine he’s just used the same paint here, so I don’t think that even if he did sell the wool it would be a pain to get rid of… seen as they have to get it out all of the time…

  4. this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen because the sheeps are different colours and i have never seen this before and i didn’t know that scotlands sheeps are those colours i thought they were australia’s colour.

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