7 Shipping Container Houses that Will Make You Envious

Houses are not like they used to be. Their incipient protection purpose is now experiencing a 21st century revival. Large solid houses are still a highlight, especially if they reflect things such as social position, wealth and respect; however this anti-materialistic phase that we are going through forces us to realize there are thousands of alternatives we can find and use. Here we have 7 shipping container houses that will make you envious! These homes are definitely the way to go! They are eco-friendly, cheap and so very modern.

1. Shipping Container House by Studio H:T

7 Shipping Container Houses

Two shipping containers flank a taller common space in this residence designed by Studio H:T. The bedrooms are in the two containers, while the entry, dining, living, and a loft is in the center area. The project is planned to be off the grid using solar orientation, passive cooling, green roofs, pellet stove heating, and photo-voltaics to create electricity.

2. Benjamin Garcia Saxe’s Orange Container

container homes2


Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe created this home, which was about $40,000. Two 40-foot shipping containers were used to build this house.  Saxe created it for a couple as a rural home that wouldn’t put them in debt. The slanted roof not only lets the sunlight in, but also expels the hot air out as well. It is located 20 minutes outside the capital of Costa Rica, despite the pictures that resemble sheer wilderness.

3. The Caterpillar House

container home3


This super hip shipping container home is located just outside of Santiago, Chile and is built from 12 containers. It is also known as The Caterpillar House, and it was designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval, according to the family’s wishes. Quick build time and a reasonable budget were also among the important decision criteria regarding this house. The facade is ventilated and arranged in a way that makes electronic cooling unnecessary, using the natural, cool mountain air as a passive cooling system.

4. The Redondo Beach House 

containes houses 4


The Redondo Beach House from Peter DeMaria is comprised of eight shipping containers. This spacious pad in the quiet community of Redondo Beach has gained a fair amount of mainstream press and won several architectural awards, making it the absolute shipping container home.

5. The Manifesto House

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Only costing $118,000, The Manifesto House was built in less than 90 days. It’s made of two 40-foot shipping containers and two 20-foot shipping containers and wooden pallets. It was designed by architects James & Mau in Curacavi, Chile, and it can be found in Madrid, Spain. Besides its eco building materials, the Manifesto House incorporates alternative energy systems as well.

6. Ross Stevens House

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Built from three lustrous, slate-gray shipping containers stacked on top of each other like building blocks against a steep hillside, the Ross Stevens house can be found in Wellington, New Zealand. It is provided with large windows and even larger terraces.

7. The Crossbox House

7 Shipping Container Houses

The emerald green-accented Crossbox house in Brittany, France was designed by CG Architects. Two shipping containers are above two more, and there’s a planted roof too. The 3 bedrooms are on top and the living/dining spaces below, just like in any other classical house. It has also got a kitchen, a large living room, and two bathrooms. It can be found in Pont-Péan, France.

Invented just about 50 years ago, shipping containers’ home carrier started by their simply being shelters at the margin of society for years. However architects and designers are increasingly turning to the strong, cheap boxes as a source of building blocks. Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range of creature comforts. They can also be connected and stacked to create modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost of more conventional materials.

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